The Parents of Carlos Sousa Jr. filed a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco seeking compensation for his death as a result of being attacked by a tiger at the San Francisco zoo on Christmas day of 2007.


Carlos died when a Siberian tiger named Tatiana leapt from its exhibit at the zoo and mauled the teen along with two of his friends Kulbir and Paul Dhaliwal whom were injured but not killed by the animal before police shot and killed the tiger.

The lawsuit claims that the city of San Francisco failed to properly house the tiger according to height standards set by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Do I have A Lawsuit has been following this case since the story broke and in our opinion… this family most certainly has a lawsuit and should receive substantial compensation for the death of their beloved son.

Zoos are not above the moral law of responsibility and we will do anything we can to help this family to reach some sense of fair closure to this horrible tragedy.

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