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Contaminated batches of the drug Heparin made by Baxter International was found to have caused more deaths than previously thought. Tainted batches of the blood thinner which is still available on the market has been linked to almost 90 deaths thus far and the numbers continue to rise as scientist and researchers investigate the possibility of previously unexplained deaths being linked to the blood thinner.Wrongful death lawyers nationwide continue to monitor scientific developments in hopes of bringing relief to those who have been injured or suffered the loss of a family member due to this horrible disregard for public safety.  We here at Do I Have A Lawsuit will continue to provide as much information as possible as details are released and actual findings are made public. After researching this matter vigorously we have determined that the best possible course of action for those considering heparin related lawsuits would be to contact an attorney familiar with drug recall and or wrongful death and injury law.


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Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Parents Sue Sea Isle City for Wrongful Death of Daughter

The parents of a 35-year-old Pennsylvania girl have filed a lawsuit in New Jersey against Sea Isle City for her wrongful death two years ago. Charles and Elizabeth Hottenstein claim negligence on the part of the Sea Isle City that caused the death of their daughter. The complainants have filed claims for negligence, wrongful death, and infliction of severe psychological pain.

In all, there are 19 defendants in the case, including Sea Isle City, South Jersey City where the charity event was held, a couple who invited the deceased to dinner, owners of the two bars where she was present that night, the hospital where she died, the doctor who pronounced her brought dead, many of Tracy’s friends that provided her with drinks that night, and the police department that did not allow rescue workers to perform treatment for hypothermia.

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Lynchburg Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In a three-day-long jury trial, the plaintiffs in the Lynchburg wrongful death lawsuit have settled for $250,000, in place of their earlier $12.5 million claim in the Lynchburg Circuit Court. The plaintiffs settled the case after the state agreed to pay $250,000 as compensation, apologized for the tragedy that claimed the life of plaintiffs’ brother Clarence Beard Jr., and agreeing to clear the name of the deceased that he was not a drug addict, nor was he drunk that fateful day.
About the Wrongful Death Lawsuit
The wrongful death suit, filed against seven Lynchburg police officers, claimed gross negligence on the part of the defendants that caused the death of Clarence Beard Jr. in 2006. The plaintiff, Mary Peterson, who is Beard’s sister, sought $12.5 million compensation in the lawsuit filed in 2008 for negligence, assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment. The lawsuit alleged that, on September 24, 2006, the defendant police officers, Michael B. Eagle and Michael A. Huntsman, entered the deceased’s apartment, looking for a woman without search warrants. The suit asserted that, initially, the deceased allowed them to search his room, but later, when he exercised his right to ask the officers to produce the warrant, he was ruthlessly rounded up, hog-tied, and falsely arrested, which contributed to his heart attack and death. The suit also named backup officers, Jerry R. Mayberry, Chad T. Davis, Timothy C. Clements, C. Scott Bradner, and Thomas B. Lawton.
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit



Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In legal jargon, wrongful death occurs when an individual dies due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of another. In other words, if an individual, organization, or group can be held liable for the death of another individual, it is a case for wrongful death. The suit for wrongful death may be brought by the decedent’s immediate family members, known as distributes, including spouses and children.

In the United States, each state has its own civil wrongful death statute, establishing procedures for bringing wrongful death suits. Such actions can be brought about for personal injury to the decedent, personal loss, pain and suffering, and expenses incurred prior to the death of the decedent. The damage awards belong to the decedent’s heirs and other beneficiaries.

Key Elements of Wrongful Death Lawsuit


  • The following elements are necessary to bring a successful wrongful death cause of action:
  • Death
  • Negligence of another individual or intent to cause harm leading to death
  • Monetary loss to heirs of the decedent as a result of death


A wrongful death claim is brought in a civil action, which is separate from criminal charges. Wrongful death statutes do not apply to a fetus, which has no distinct legal status until

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