Bay Pines Contamination Lawsuit

Bay Pines Pollution Lawsuit

In what appears to be a serious case of woeful negligence on behalf of  the health department, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the federal Environmental Protection Agency along with current and previous owners of APF contaminated industrial site located near the Bay Pines Florida residential community in St. Petersburg Florida, residents  are just now being alerted to the dangerously high level of various pollutants found to exist on the property.

In February of 1992  Becky Sharp, a private environmental inspector called the Pinellas sheriff's office to report open containers of Cyanide ,  Acids and other poisons she had discovered at the old industrial plant in Bay Pines. For reasons unknown to us at this time, residents of the area were never informed of the pollution and contamination from chemicals such as, trichloroethylene , tetrachloroethylene, arsenic, lead and  vinyl chloride. Pollutants that may have spread in plumes from the contaminated APF site to the homes and property of unsuspecting residents in the Bay Pines neighborhood potentially polluting soil and ground water found in home owners irrigation wells.

Although well pollution contamination test are currently underway in the area, this horrid disregard for public safety should have never taken 17 years to clean up or come to light and we recommend that anyone living in or whom have previously lived in the area contact the attorney handling these cases for more information in regards to a potential lawsuit related to injuries or losses in property values  related to this situation.

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