In what seems to be a daily occurrence, officials have announced the recall of numerous food products linked to Chinese dairy companies after four children died and 54,000 others were sickened as a result of food poisoning from the toxic chemical melamine.

The lethal toxin responsible for the children's death is used to increase the test results for protein in milk and is known to cause kidney stones as well as death in humans.

So far the contamination recall has resulted in at least one recall announcement by United States based Cadbury chocolates. The recalled products include chocolate candies shipped all over Asia and some parts of Australia. The recall in those locations are for chocolates made at its Beijing manufacturing plant, where the contaminated milk was used in the ingredients used to make the candy.

Although Cadbury company officials maintain that its American sold products are safe; we anticipate the filing of a possible class action lawsuit based on a number of factors and will continue to monitor the situation for new developments.

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