Depuy Hip Recall Replacement Lawsuit

Depuy Hip Class Action Lawsuit


depuy hip replacement lawsuitThe following Depuy lawsuit Q&A has been put together as a general guide to answer some of the most common questions you have asked us about the Depuy Class Action Lawsuit as well as individual hip implant recall lawsuit information.

Q. My husband has the recalled Depuy hip implant, but we do not understand what this is all about. Can you explain this to us in plain english and let us know what we need to do next to file a lawsuit?

A. Thank you for writing us in reference to your husband's Depuy hip implant lawsuit. The Depuy ASR hip implant lawsuits are a result of these orthopaedic hip devices being recalled due to their abnormally high failure rates and studies showing that these recalled hip implant devices have caused metal poisoning resulting in nerve damage and tissue death in the bodies of Depuy hip replacement implant patients. Thus type of poison can cause serious permanent damage to the implant patients tissue health or death of.

The Depuy ASR and the Depuy ASR XL have been ordered recalled globally, with instruction that every single Depuy hip implant patient be tested for metal poisoning.

Q. Hello and thank you so much for fighting to have these dangerous hip implants recalled. I am an active housewife / soccer mom and I was told that these Depuy hip implants were the best option for my lifestyle I have already had to have revision surgery after my implant dislocated. I cannot afford to pay for any test or another revision surgery so my question is will Johnson and Johnson pay for my testing and surgery?

A. Thank you for writing and giving us permission to repost your question.

The sad reality is that without legal representation ( a lawyer ) Johnson and Johnson Depuy may try to short change Depuy hip implant recipients and force them to pay for their own surgeries, testing and follow-up care.

The lead attorney has extensive experience in this area of law and has already began the process of forcing  Johnson and Johnson to not only pay for all testing and medical care related to the Depuy hips, but has also began to file lawsuits against Depuy for monetary compensation related to the recalled hip implants.

Q. I have not had any problems with my Depuy hip implant, am I still at risk?


A. Yes. Your implant cold be leaking met toxins into your body that will kill tissue. At the very least you must undergo metal poisoning testing to make sure the device is not killing your internal organs.

Regardless of wether or not you have had problems with this implant, you may still have a lawsuit against this orthopaedic hip implant device manufacturer.

If you have not already, please feel free to call the.lead firm directl or submit your case now by clicking here.


Q. Hi I have returned my packet and can't wait to be paid on my lawsuit as I have a lot of bills to pay and I would like to buy a new home. My sister also has the Depuy hip implant can I add her to my lawsuit and we split the money?

A. Thanks for writing us with your questions.

Although you cannot add your sister to your Depuy recall lawsuit , you can have her call the lead firm directly or submit her case here.

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