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Contact Lens Solution Lawsuit Attorney

Some recent studies have concluded that some multipurpose contact solution could cause damage and infection to the eye. A regional eye expert named Dr. Gunter Wong has concluded that certain contact lens solutions may be cytotoxic meaning that the product is toxic to cells. These Products cause damage to the corneal epithelium making the eye susceptible to corneal inflammation and a condition known as Microbial Keratitis.

Dr. Wong found in a study that was conducted that, of the many multipurpose contact lens solutions, Alcon and Bausch & Lamb Products are more likely to cause damage to the cells in the eyes by causing cell damage that strips away the eyes’ natural protective barriers. A senior consultant ophthalmologist by the name Dr. Lim Li also has come to the conclusion that the additives in some multipurpose solutions may be behind the problems. Lim stated that additional compounds and additives such as cleansing agents could cause toxicity and increase the chances of long term damage to the surface of the cornea.

The Bausch & Lamb product, Renu with moisture lock, was recalled in May of 2006 after being linked to an outbreak of Fusarium Keratitis. There were ultimately 180 cases of the potentially blinding eye infection confirmed by the Center for Disease Control and associated with the use of the recalled solution. The company has recently settled around 600 lawsuits involving recalled Renu and costing the company around 250 million dollars.

Fusarium has the ability to cause Biofilms or clusters of microbes held together by glue like matrix. These Biofilms allow the Fusarium to be very resistant to contact lens solution and the body’s immune system.

In 2007 at least 21 cases of infections involving other contact lens solutions were reported. Advanced Medical Optics Complete moisture plus was one of the solutions also linked to the acanthamoeba parasite. There are 170 lawsuits pending against this brand as a result of the outbreak with attorneys for Do I Have A lawsuit working hard to help those injured .

These types of incidents concern users of multipurpose contact lens solution about the over all safety of the products.

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