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For patients living with the pain, nausea, and discomfort of a hernia, a hernia mesh patch may seem like the perfect answer. A hernia patch is a piece of strong material that is sewn over the weak area to prevent bulging, usually resolving the problem entirely. But in some situations patients my need to contact an attorney, as they may have a lawsuit.

In some cases the hernia patch itself proves to be a medical issue that may cause extreme pain or death as well as other horrible side effects. One such hernia patch is that of Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch. This patch was found to have several structural problems that may endanger and even kill the patients who turned to it for relief. Lawyers from all over the country have filed personal injury lawsuits related to this defective hernia patch.


Attorneys argue that the problem with the Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch is its structure. Instead of being sewn over the weak area, as with many hernia patches, this one is placed behind the herniated area through a small incision. It is held open by a memory recoil ring, which allows it to be folded during its insertion and then open when correctly placed.

Unfortunately, the memory recoil ring can break and cause severe intestinal damage, possibly puncturing parts of the bowel or damaging internal organs, this defect has been the cause of many lawsuits filed against the company. The company that makes the patch, C.R. Bard discovered this defect soon after the product’s introduction onto the market. However, they tried to cover their own negligence by blaming the surgeons who did the operations. When the problems continued to occur despite being used by many different, highly competent doctors, the company chose to recall just one type of the patch, knowing that other models had the same memory recoil ring defect and thus the potential to cause the painful side effects and death.

What does this mean for patients? Having a punctured bowel is a life threatening situation requiring emergency surgery, long recuperation, extended hospital stays and time off work along with an immeasurable amount of pain. Patients who haven’t had the memory recoil ring break must choose between having another costly surgery to remove the potentially dangerous part or waiting and wondering whether each day will bring the inevitable medical emergency. For some families, this defective part may have caused them to lose a loved one or even a breadwinner. There is no way to estimate the cost of a defective hernia mesh patch when people’s lives are involved.

In 1996, the FDA investigated the company factory where these mesh patches were made and found that the system for keeping track of product complaints was inadequate. Meanwhile, people suffered severe medical complications and even died from the side effects of the broken memory ring. The company chose to leave many versions of the patch on the market until the FDA recalled three different versions of the patch. However, other versions of the hernia patch, including those made by other companies, have similar parts that are causing similarly dangerous situations for other hernia patients. If you or a loved one have a hernia mesh patch, your first step should be to see a doctor. Do I Have A Lawsuit has partnered with a multitude of what we feel are the best possible attorneys in America for seeking compensation in situations like this.

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