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Recall Lawsuit

David Floyd  Resigns From Johnson & Johnson DePuy Orthopaedic

We are elated and ecstatic to announce the resignation of David Floyd from his position as president and CEO of Johnson & Johnson's orthopaedic division responsible for the defective Depuy ASR hip implant devices that have been subject to a worldwide hip replacement recall after the devices were found to have a higher than normal hip implant failure rate and exposed patients to metal poisoning.

As president of Johnson & Johnson Depuy Orthopaedic David Floyd oversaw a unit that enjoyed sales north of 5 billion dollars last year alone, but has been plagued with lawsuits surrounding the recall of it's defective Depuy Hip Implants and it's worldwide hip replacement recall.

Do I have a lawsuit and our affiliated attorneys have been working around the clock to make sure that not only David Floyd is held accountable for the pain and suffering of so many hip implant patients, but to send a clear message to any corporate president or CEO who would put profits before the safety of consumers.

Our exposing David Floyd and the defective hip implant device systems made by Johnson & Johnson Depuy the Depuy ASR along with over 500 hip replacement recall lawsuit cases being filed likely played a major role in David Floyd's resignation.

We consider this to be a victory for the people!

More proof that when we stick together, no one can silence our voice.

Take care of yourself and each other ... this crusader is on the job!

-Jason CEO

"You always have the right to file a lawsuit"

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Topamax Side Effects Lawsuit

Topamax Side Effects Lawsuit

FDA Warns Against Use of Topamax During Pregnancy

The Food and Drug Administration warns females of childbearing age and expectant mothers against using anticonvulsant drug Topamax, which poses risk of development of cleft lips or cleft palate deformities in their newborns.  The FDA warns that, according to its new research data, newborns of women who take Topamax during the first trimester or childbearing age are 20 percent more at risk to develop cleft lips than those taking other anticonvulsant drugs.

Topamax LawsuitThe FDA says that Topamax, considered an epilepsy and migraine drug, increases the risk of oral birth defects in newborns, whose mothers take the prescription medication during their first three months of pregnancy. Topamax side effects The FDA warns doctors to caution their female patients against the use of Topamax to prevent their newborn babies from developing oral birth defects and deformities. Issuing a warning against the use of the drug, the FDA says that the defects occur in the initial three months of pregnancy when a woman might not even know she is expecting, which poses a danger of oral birth deformities and malformations in their newborns.

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Skippy Peanut Butter Recall Lawsuit

Skippy Peanut Butter Recall LawsuitThe maker of Skippy Peanut Butter has issued an immediate recall of several of it's Skippy Peanut Butter products made by the US based company Unilever United States Inc.

Unilever issued the recall after company employees tested peanut butter samples that either tested positive for salmonella or shown some other trace indicators for possible salmonella contamination of the popular and widely distributed peanut butter food product.

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Hyundai Elantra Recall

Hyundai Motor Co. has issued two recalls for its 2007-2009 Elantra models over concerns that the front passenger airbags might malfunction, risking injury to the seat occupant. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, the recall comes in the wake of fears that the airbag weight system sensor could malfunction, causing the airbags to open improperly, thus posing a risk of injury to children traveling aboard in the event of an accident.

The recall affects over 190,000 Elantra sedans manufactured between July 14, 2006 and November 1, 2008. Hyundai also recalled 96,000 Elantra models, manufactured between July 2006 and August 2007, over concerns of defective seat track position sensors. These models are also covered by the first recall. According to the automaker, the airbag on the driver side is vulnerable to deployment even when not required in case of any undisclosed electronic noise.

The company clarifies that the airbag sensor system of the 2007-2009 Hyundai Elantra model is manufactured in a way that it would not deploy if it “senses” a child

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Alcohol Wipes Lawsut

H&P Industries Hartland Unit Closed

H&P Industries Inc., maker of the recalled contaminated medical pads and alcohol wipes, closed its Hartland unit on April 4, 2001 after US Marshals arrived at the company’s plant to force closure due to its failure to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s request to shut down voluntarily.

Once the FDA investigation confirmed contamination at the company’s manufacturing facility, it asked H&P Industries Inc. to cease the production and distribution of contaminated products voluntarily and close down the unit; however, on its failure to heed to the FDA order, US Marshals arrived to seize tainted products. The company is facing multiple lawsuits claiming contamination of its medical pads and wipes, which have caused serious infections and death of a child.

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