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Recall Lawsuit

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed In Digitek Heart Drug Recall

Used to treat the symptoms of congestive heart failure, Digitek was recalled amid concerns that some tablets may contain as much as double the intended amount of digitalis and thus cause a wide range of complications including kidney failure and death.

Digitek is manufactured by New Jersey based Actavis Totowa and distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals and UDL Laboratories of Pennsylvania and Illinois respectively.

The drug was distributed under the Bertek name by Mylan and under the UDL brand by UDL. The recall was initiated by Actavis upon discovery of the deadly dosage by the FDA.

The class action lawsuits filed in West Virginia courts name all three companies.

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Discuss this article in the forums (0 replies).

Recalled hernia mesh patches made by a variety of mesh manufactures has been recalled do to complications and side effects up to and including death as a result of defective patches or botched operations. 

The hernia mesh patches manufactured by Bard Composix under the Kugel Hernia Mesh brand name are capable of causing internal bleeding and organ damage as well as severe complications , pain and death due to defective memory coils.

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Cookies Recalled Due To Melamine Contamination

Lotte U.S.A has initiated a nationwide recall of all Koala March Crème Filled cookies in response to the recent number of contamination related death and hospitalizations linked to Chinese manufacturing and production plants.
Melamine which is an organic base and a trimmer to cyanide contains 66% nitrogen by mass and is a metabolite of the pesticide cyromazine, has caused numerous food poisoning and contamination deaths both in China and all across the world.

The deadly contaminant was initially discovered in milk products produced by china based Sanlu Dairy after the death of 4 children in that country followed by the hospitalization of countless others.
China has increasing become the source of defective products and dangerously contaminated food over the last few years and will most likely continue this trend until class action lawsuits filed in other countries effectively hold Chinese manufactures accountable.

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