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Recall Lawsuit

LIFEPAK Defibrillator Recall Lawsuit

From Med News

The FDA issued a recall of Physio-Control's LIFEPAK defibrillators, warning that machines could shut down or turn on by themselves and cause serious injury or death.

Medtronic owned Physio Control blames the problem on an electrical short.

The recall applies to the LIFEPAK 15 monitors and defibrillators manufactured and distributed between March 26, 2009 and December 15, 2009.

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Hip Replacement Recall
Depuy Hip Recall
Hip Implant Recall

Depuy Hip Replacement Recall

Hip Replacement Recall
We have been notified by the lead attorney handling all Depuy ASR hip replacement recall lawsuits for Do I Have A Lawsuit . Com that we are now accepting all defective hip implant recall cases regardless of when or where the orthopedic device was implanted.

Recent research on these hip implants has shown that the recalled metal on metal Depuy hip replacement implant may leak toxic debris into the patients hip tissue and cause hip tissues to die and or damage the nerves and bones surrounding the hip replacement implant. Studies have shown that long term exposure to metal toxins may cause cancer and or brain damage.

Most likely, every single recalled Johnson And Johnson Depuy ASR hip replacement implant will need to be removed and replaced to avoid further internal tissue damage from metal toxicity.

The original basis of the hip replacement recall was due to the abnormal number of failed Depuy hip implants that required a large number of patients to undergo hip implant revision surgery and have the defective hips removed.

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Cheese Recall Lawsuit

Cheese Recall LawsuitPlease be aware that Bravo foods has expanded its cheese recall to include all Bravo cheese food products distributed and sold at whole foods as well as other retail stores nationwide due to the discovery of e-coli contamination at Bravo foods cheese manufacturing plant.

This particular cheese recall is limited to Bravo Cheese products only and should not concern consumers of other cheese products. This Cheese recall includes the following Bravo Cheese products:

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Tylenol Recall Lawsuit

Tylenol Recall LawsuitAs the long list of Johnson and Johnson products continue to make their way to the recall radar of Do Of I Have A Lawsuit , the company continues to face FDA recall demands for poor manufacturing practices at several plants where everything from children's Tylenol to children's Motrin are either mixed , packaged or labeled.

Earlier this year, Johnson and Johnson subsidiary McNeil Consumer Health care recalled multiple over the counter drugs such as Motrin Junior Strength tablets and Children's Tylenol. These recalls led to many of our readers submitting their case and filing Tylenol Lawsuits.

In most instances the general public were unaware of FDA report that cited the Johnson and Johnson McNeil plant in Puerto Rico for a number of problems including:

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