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Recall Lawsuit

Lawsuit against Wyeth A Win For Patients Rights !!!
In the storied case of Diana Levine VS Wyeth pharmaceuticals, the Supreme Court has come down on the right side of justice. In a 6-3 Supreme Court ruling the majority justices determined that the lawsuit filed by lawyers of Vermont guitarist Diana Levine is in fact valid and not immune to liability due to federal preemption regulations law. This ruling affirms the ruling that was previously upheld by the Vermont Supreme Court where a Vermont jury had awarded Levine 6.7 million in the defective drug lawsuit that ultimately caused the amputation of at least one arm as a result of gangrene infection.

This lawsuit filed by Levines attorney was based on the fact that Levine was treated with the Wyeth drug Phenergan via an IV push injection. We are extremely happy for Diana and feel that the ruling on her lawsuit is a win for all Americans as well as a warning to all drug and medical device makers who were hoping the Supreme Court would strike down her lawsuit and aid these corporations in achieving immunity from liability.

Well here’s news for them ….. The concept of consequence is alive and well in America, and if you sell defective products or cause injury to the people of America, then you can expect a letter from an attorney. You can expect a lawsuit.

Congratulations Ms Levine!!! Do I Have A lawsuit was with you every step of the way.


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Zimmer Durom Hip Joint Cup Implant Recall Lawsuit Attorney

As attorneys continue to ramp up efforts in bringing lawsuits against Zimmer holdings for victims of failed Zimmer Durom hip Joint Cup Replacement implants, it is important that citizens remember to practice due diligence when researching an attorney to peruse your Zimmer durom hip implant recall lawsuit.

If you do not utilize our service in contacting an attorney for these cases, then you should at least follow the following guidelines when hiring or retaining a lawyer for any type of personal injury , recall lawsuit , or class action lawsuit.

Feel free to print this lawsuit FAQ and use it whenever you might have a potential zimmer durom hip cup replacement implant case.

If you are not familiar with the lawsuit process please feel free to call the lead class action lawsuit firm directly and they will provide you with a free case evaluation. You may also contact the lead attorney directly by calling (800) 748-7115 or by clicking here and filling out  the short lawsuit contact form found by clicking here or  from the homepage of

Discuss this article in the forums (0 replies).
Discuss this article in the forums (0 replies).
Discuss this article in the forums (0 replies).

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