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Recall Lawsuit

Do I Have a Lawsuit has been made aware of a recent spike in of lawsuit inquiries surrounding the Zimmer Durom Hip Implant recall that at this point is almost inevitable. When Zimmer first canceled advertising for the defective implants, Do I Have A lawsuit reviewed attorney websites in our ongoing effort to monitor lawyer activity related to side effects caused by this defective medical product. After reviewing all available information related to the cups, we have determined that Zimmer will most likely be subjected to a nationwide class action lawsuit.

We have noticed a major increase in attorney advertising & Zimmer information research as lawyers prepare to assist victims of this defective hip implant.

If you are not familiar with the lawsuit process please feel free to call the lead class action lawsuit firm directly and they will provide you with a free case evaluation from the homepage of

As always, be safe and never hesitate to seek justice.


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FDA Recall Due To Side Effects And Death Caused By Chantix Digitek And Digoxin

Defective drugs are being recalled each and every day for reasons such as fatal side effects contamination or misleading labels. For lawyers, the most disturbing part of this trend is that a growing percentage of these recalled drugs are Class I recalls, the most serious category.

The FDA also known as the Food And Drug Administration categorizes all drug recalls into classes. These classes denote the amount of danger posed to the American public. A Class III recall is recalling a drug that is unlikely to cause health problems or side effects, while Class II recalls are for a drug that causes temporary or reversible health problems and side effects. The last, Class I recalls, are for drugs that cause serious health consequences or extreme side effects up to and including death. 

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Hernia Patch Lawsuit Recall Attorney Class Action Information Contact And Overview

For patients living with the pain, nausea, and discomfort of a hernia, a hernia mesh patch may seem like the perfect answer. A hernia patch is a piece of strong material that is sewn over the weak area to prevent bulging, usually resolving the problem entirely. But in some situations patients my need to contact an attorney, as they may have a lawsuit.

In some cases the hernia patch itself proves to be a medical issue that may cause extreme pain or death as well as other horrible side effects. One such hernia patch is that of Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch. This patch was found to have several structural problems that may endanger and even kill the patients who turned to it for relief. Lawyers from all over the country have filed personal injury lawsuits related to this defective hernia patch.

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