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Doctor Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Former Boston Pediatrician Faces Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse
Dr. Melvin Levine, former chief of pediatrics for Children's Hospital Boston, faces a lawsuit for sexual abuse and medical malpractice in Suffolk Superior Court. The class-action lawsuit seeks unspecified claims for "pain and suffering endured." Children's Hospital Boston is also a defendant in the lawsuit for its negligence to properly supervise its doctor.

A local Boston attorney , while filing the class-action lawsuit on behalf of five child abuse victims, claims that Melvin Levine performed unnecessary examinations of his clients, who were between the ages of 4 and 13 at that time. Seeking class action certification, the lawsuit claims to represent all the children examined by Levine from 1966 to 1985, when he was with the Children’s Hospital Boston. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs seek damages from Levine for showing carelessness, negligence in their treatment.

The Boston Attorney accuses Melvin Levine of molesting his clients to the extent that most of them are even unable to speak about his illicit acts.

The lawsuit states that the former doctor at the Children's Hospital Boston is guilty of conducting medically unnecessary genital tests of dozens of male patients for nearly a couple of decades. The charges against the pediatrician explicitly mention that he unnecessarily “stroked, massaged, and manipulated” the sexual organs of victims in the name of conducting medical examinations. The lawsuit claims that defendant Levine breached his duty of care to the plaintiffs and failed to fulfill his commitment to his profession of serving his patients.



One of the plaintiffs, John Doe, says that when he was 8 years old in 1980, his parents took him to Children’s for counseling. He claims that from 1980 to 1985, defendant Levine, who was in charge of providing him with therapeutic services, “deviated” from acceptable psychotherapeutic standards and breached set psychotherapeutic boundaries. The plaintiff accuses Levine of violating the “applicable professional and ethical principles and standards of his profession.” In the lawsuit, the plaintiff seeks damages from defendant Levine for causing “severe pain of body and anguish of mind.”

Defendant No 2: Children's Hospital Boston

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs accuse Children's Hospital Boston of negligence in carrying out its duty of supervising and punishing the guilty doctor for his crimes and wrongdoings against seven minor males. The suit holds the hospital accountable for giving Levine the responsibility to treat minor male pediatric patients. The plaintiffs claim that Levin was not the appropriate person to carry out their treatment when they sought admission in the hospital. It also accuses the hospital of closing its eyes to the unnecessary medical tests conducted by Levin in his over 20-year stint with them. The medical malpractice and sexual abuse lawsuit blames the hospital for covering up inappropriate conduct and wrongdoings of the defendant doctor.

In the lawsuit, Durso says that parents of one victim claim having notified Children’s Hospital of Levine’s wrongdoing decades ago, but the hospital did not take any action and ignored their complaint. Besides, the suit also accuses some of the unnamed hospital employees of conniving with the guilty doctor to cover up his wrongdoings.

Earlier Lawsuits Against Levine

It is not the first time that Melvin Levine is facing a lawsuit of this kind. Durso has earlier filed three lawsuits against Levine. Two complaints in this regard were filed in 2005 and another one in 2006. All these were sexual abuse and medical malpractice lawsuits, which Durso filed on behalf of four former minor patients, who were abused, battered by defendant Levine during the 1970s and 1980s. All the cases await judgment in Suffolk Superior Court.

In March 2008, Durso filed a sexual abuse lawsuit in Superior Court on behalf of seven boys who were sexually abused by Levine when they had gone for treatment to North Carolina Medical Board. Following the lawsuit, the defendant quit medicine practice and signed an agreement with the board. The lawsuit claimed that Levine had performed improper genital tests on young male patients there.

Responsibility of Children's Hospital Boston

Children’s Hospital Boston is equally guilty for either covering up or ignoring the wrongdoings of Dr. Levine, whose services were inconsistent with medical standards of trust and loyalty toward his patients. The hospital failed to find fault with the defendant doctor despite repeated complaints from his victimized patients and their parents, who had confided in him that he would provide them with appropriate treatment and care. The hospital continues to cover up Dr. Levine's wrongdoings and finds his actions appropriate and practice in line with the applicable standards of the time.

Moral Responsibility and Medical Malpractice

Under the cover of behavioral pediatrics, Dr. Levine indulged in sexual abuse, including genital fondling and masturbation, of boys who were in their tender age that time, without even worrying about the impact of sexual assault on them. Now those young patients have turned mature men of today, but the impact of having been sexually abused still lingers on in their minds to the extent that they are overwhelmed at the thought of leaving their kids alone with a doctor, as plaintiff Joe says in the lawsuit. By indulging in medical malpractice and wrongdoings, like sexual abuse, Levine brought disrepute to the medical profession.

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