Virginia Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Virginia Priest Church Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Virginia Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Virginia bill to increase the statue of limitations ( or time limit ) on sexual abuse lawsuits filed against priest and the catholic church is under review by state lawmakers hoping to increase the limit to 25 years from its current 2 year limit.

In most situations a statute of limitations establishes a certain amount of of time that a plaintiff ( person ) has to file a lawsuit. This time limit normally gives the plaintiff a set number of years from the date of loss or injury to file a lawsuit.

Victims of sex abuse by priest and other sexual predators of the catholic church are supporting the bill under review by the Virginia lawmakers but have faced stiff opposition to the bill by the catholic church.

The Catholic church has effectively used its lobbying power to lobby the Virginia state house into approving a compromise that reduces the statue of limitations to 8 years and thus protecting pedophile priest and clergy from being held accountable for these horrific crimes of sexual abuse.

Abuse advocates plan to push for a tougher stance in the Virginia state senate where lawmakers are hoping to reach a final compromise of a 15 year statue of limitations.

Do I have a lawsuit affiliated attorneys have fought vigorously to bring pedophile priests to justice and seek compensation for church sex abuse victims.

Because of this, we feel that any limitation on sexual abuse lawsuits is too long. The lifelong pain and suffering of priest abuse victims doesn't just go away after 8 years. The pain is forever and abuse victims should have forever to decide when they want to file a sex abuse lawsuit.

No amount of time or money can undo what has been done to molestation and abuse victims.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse by members of the church please feel free to submit your contact information and start the process.
You always have a right to file a lawsuit!

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