Lawsuit against Central Michigan University women's soccer team near settlement.

The attorney representing two women in a lawsuit against CMU has stated that the case near settlement. The women who are former players for the CMU's women's soccer team, filed a lawsuit against the school and former coach Tony DiTucci as a result of sexual harassment

The lawsuit settlement is worth a total of $450,000 with two unnamed student players. Each will receive $225,000.

In a statement released Friday, Jennifer Salvatore of Nacht & Associates out of Ann Arbor, attorney for the former players, prematurely said the settlement had been finalized between her clients and the university.

Later that day, Steve Smith, director of media relations, issued a statement saying that no settlement had been reached, but that one was in the works.

Salvatore later admitted that her released was ill-timed and that the settlement had not been signed by all parties. The university will sign it Monday afternoon, finalizing the settlement, she said.


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