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On the heels of a child sex abuse victim bill currently on its way to becoming law in the state of New York.

Robert Sammarco talks about how the molestation and abuse he suffered at the hands of pedophile priest Kenneth Hasselbach has come back to haunt him and he is forced to suffer over and over again. The sexual abuse and molestation began in the 1960's and continued up until this victim of priest abuse was 17 years old. He recalls being invited to New York by the priest to see Fiddler on the Roof and tells recalls a weeklong trip to Puerto Rico where the priest would sexually molest him both in the shower and during activities like wrestling.

Hasselbach, the former priest and child molester was arrested in Florida in February on charges of possessing child porn which it in itself is a form of abuse and we feel should be susceptible to lawsuits under a federal law similar to the one in New York NY. We are 100% behind the victims in these cases and provide any help we can to the priest abuse attorneys who are a part of our network.

Sammarco has stated that the devastating sexual abuse and molestation he suffered was a major factor in the many complications he has suffered including a cocaine addiction as well as a previously failed marriage and mental trauma. If the bill passes and becomes law in New York NY he definitely intends to file a lawsuit and seek justice as well as closure for sex crimes he was a victim of for far too long.

We wish him the best and encourage anyone who has been the victim of priest abuse to contact us in confidence while we continue to work with the leading priest abuse attorney on filing these lawsuits and seeking justice once and for all.

What exactly does the child sex victims bill mean?

The New York NY child sex victims bill, if passed into law would effectively suspend the 5 year statue of limitations on priest and sex abuse lawsuits for approximately 1 year. This would mean that victims of priest abuse and molestation would be able to file a lawsuit and seek damages, regardless of when the abuse occurred.

The bill would also extend the current statue of limitations from 5 years to 10 years in all future cases. This would be counted from the sex abuse victims 18th birthday , thus giving victims until the age of 28 to file a lawsuit.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of priest abuse, please feel free to contact us.

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