Merck Lawsuit Settlement

International drug maker Merck & Co. has settled a shareholder lawsuit over the release of a potentially damaging study on the drug Vytorin.

At the center of this particular 4 year old lawsuit is shareholders claim that Merck & Co. delayed releasing the results of a study that Merck & Co had hoped would boost sells of it’s high cholesterol drug Vytorin. The study instead revealed data that would likely slow future sells of Vytorin.

The Vytorin ENHANCE study results revealed that Vytorin was equally effective at reducing plaque buildup as its one of its drug components in stand alone form. The study showed Zocor, one of the two components in Vytorin was just as effective when used alone as it is as a sub-component of Vytorin.

Vytorin has been a multi billion dollar seller for Merck and this is possibly the reasoning behind withholding of study data from patients and the public in general.

Key provisions of the settlement include language to ensure that both investors as well as patients receive important study data in a timely manner. We consider the settlement of this lawsuit to be significant in that our hopes are that other major drug manufacturers will also follow this standard and no longer withhold vital study and research information from patients. Over the years, numerous drug recall and drug side effects lawsuits have been the result of various drug manufacturers withholding similar data that has on more than several occasions been the cause of death and or other permanent personal injury to patients. If this drug manufacturer's settlement in this case marks a turning point for the industry overall … then this my friends we can count as an absolute success.

Sadly … we highly doubt this is the case and predict that drug manufactures will continue to place profits over people.

And we will continue to lead the campaign to hold them financially , legally and morally responsible.

You have the right to file a lawsuit.

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