One of the most misunderstood case types in the American legal system is the process and execution of the lawsuit and what exactly constitutes the basis for a lawsuit. We are often asked questions such as  can I sue my doctor and  who do I sue after a car accident or what exactly is medical malpractice. Often times readers will even ask questions related to slip and fall accidents or drug and manufacturer recall injuries.


While no two cases are never the same and laws vary from state to state,

In most cases, yes. You do in fact have the necessary reasons to file either a single formal or a class action lawsuit.  In most situations you deserve compensation if you have been injured.

The reason I stated most cases instead of all situations is due to the fact that sometimes a lawsuit can be unfounded or directed at the wrong person, group of persons, entity or company.

An example for instance would be; you are at home taking a shower and after dropping your bar of soap into the bottom of the tub you then step on the soap and slip and fall into the tub causing yourself a great deal of pain from your injury. In this situation you would not have cause to sue anyone.

Submit your case to have an attorney evaluate your situation and determine whether or not you have a lawsuit.

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