IV Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

IV Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

IV Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

iv-medical-malpractice lawsuitMedical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Over Death of 6-Week-Old Infant

A couple, Fritzie and Cameron Burkett, from Chicago has filed a medical malpractice and negligence lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court against Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Illinois for the death of their 40 day old infant, who was administered 60 times the prescribed dosage of sodium chloride at the hospital.

The lawsuit seeks full and fair compensation for the grave loss and agony suffered by the parents of the infant Genesis Burkett, who would have been a happy six month old child had the hospital error and oversight not caused his death on October 16, 2010.

The lawsuit alleges that the hospital staff gave their premature son an intravenous bag filled with 60 times more than the prescribed sodium chloride dosage, which proved fatal for their son, causing him immense suffering and heart stroke. The lawsuit claims that, despite having born premature, the deceased, who weighed only one pound and eight ounces, was “making good progress” before his life was cut short by the hospital error and oversight.

The suit contends that the IV bag administered to the infant had been labeled incorrectly, showing a lesser sodium dosage instead of the actual amount of sodium chloride inside. The lawsuit blames the hospital staff for committing a grave “error” that caused the death of the six-week-old infant. The suit asserts that the hospital error immensely hurt the plaintiffs, who are the parents of the infant, as they had been struggling through miscarriages and the deceased child had brought joy in their desolate lives after two miscarriages.

The suit contends that the defendant hospital had breached their trust that any patient and his relatives repose in a medical facility. The lawsuit asserts that the negligent hospital staff failed to fulfill their duties toward their patients. In the suit, the plaintiffs claim that the hospital staff committed a series of errors and oversights, causing the untimely and preventable death of their son who had been born premature 40 days before he died of incorrect dosage of nutrients in an IV.

The suit blames the hospital for placing a wrong label on the high level of sodium dosage, which listed the prescribed sodium chloride level instead of the actual level in the IV. The plaintiffs argue that the hospital staff committed a data entry error by covering up the sticker on the IV bag with a wrong label displaying incorrect amount of sodium.

The lawsuit asserts that a few hours after the mislabeled IV bag was administered, the infant's blood test showed startling sodium levels. The suit asserts that despite the abnormally high sodium levels, doctors wasted time and ordered another test, assuming that he first test showed an inaccurate reading. The plaintiffs claim that their infant experienced pain and went into cardiac arrest immediately and died as a result of the miscalculated IV solution, and the second test never took place.

The lawsuit contends that the tragedy has left the plaintiffs devastated, who had reposed hope in their only child and dreamed of a bright future for him. The plaintiffs assert that the hospital negligence has caused them “incredible loss," which is “a very painful experience" for them after having suffered two miscarriages before the birth of Genesis. The wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for the mishap at the hospital pharmacy, which killed Genesis, though no kind of compensation can fill the void created by the tragic death of young Genesis, whose life was cut short by the hospital staff negligence. The plaintiffs claim that the tragedy has left them devastated and that, by going public about their loss, they want to bring justice to their son and also raise awareness about the errors that hospitals might ignore.

The suit claims unspecified damages from the hospital so that no other family has to suffer such agony and pain as suffered by the plaintiffs over the loss of their only child.

Meanwhile, the hospital has acknowledged that an “error” was made that contributed to the infant’s death.

Similar Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

In 2009, family of a 59-year-old man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Lutheran General Hospital, alleging that the hospital staff failed to provide timely care to check the patient’s deteriorating condition. The lawsuit claimed that the deceased was the heart and soul of the family and that his preventable death had devastated his family. The defendant hospital agreed to settle the lawsuit for $2.75 million.

In January 2011, a medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against Payette Clinic in Vancouver with the Clark County Superior Court, alleging that three defendants who worked at the clinic “grossly” overprescribed narcotics to patients. The lawsuit claims that two of the patients died from the side effects of narcotics overdose.
A widow filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Jacksonville hospital, blaming her husband’s death to hepatitis C spread by a radiologic technician at the clinic. The lawsuit claims that the deceased had tested negative for hepatitis C before his two transplants at the hospital. The plaintiff alleges that the deceased caught hepatitis C at the clinic, which caused his untimely death.

On March 12, 2011, family of a man has filed a lawsuit against a former Indiana surgeon, alleging negligence and medical malpractice, which caused death of their relative. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant doctor failed to diagnose lung cancer in their relative, who died thereafter from the disease.

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