Dr. Roman Hasil was hardly a favorite at Wanganui Hospital. The doctor was known for being brusque and less than unprofessional, and many people suspected that he drank while on the job. Even so, hospital administration and government officials were shocked by the ten completely unrelated complaints from his patients after just one year of employment at the hospital as concerns mounted that a malpractice lawsuit would soon be filed against him.

 On eight separate occasions, he botched female sterilization procedures, leaving patients unknowingly capable of conceiving. In another case, he removed a woman’s ovaries without her consent. Even worse, an investigation later found that Dr. Hasil had a long history of this type of malpractice, with complaints from five years before he had been hired at Wanganui. He should never have been allowed to practice medicine as a doctor.


Dr. Hasil is just one example of an incompetent doctor. In general, medicine is a noble profession filled with caring and well trained noble professionals who act in their patient’s best interest. However, there are exceptions to every rule. This type of incompetence and lack of professional integrity rears its ugly head in every arena of the medical field. In addition to rogue doctors, there are those who are simply untrained to perform their work. This includes all levels of hospital and doctors office staff as well as surgeons and anesthesiologist.


Do incompetent doctors really exist? Many Americans would be shocked to hear that this situation exists in our sophisticated system, but it is more common than it should be. According to Dr. L. Thompson Bowles, president of the National Board of Medical Examiners, medical interns often supplement their incomes by working as emergency room doctors. Lacking the full gamut of medical training, they are simply not capable of dealing with many routine emergency room situations from heart attacks to pediatric issues. While most people assume the doctor handling their emergency situation is a fully trained and certified physician, this may not be the case.


Even good doctors and nurses are often reluctant to report colleagues that they witness being incompetent. In study entitled, “Silence Kills: The Seven Crucial Conversations for Healthcare,” over half of the doctors and nurses surveyed at thirteen different hospitals have observed serious mistakes made by their coworkers, but less than ten percent addressed the problems.


Even a handful of incompetent medical staff can create a state of emergency, but hospitals and clinics are often reluctant to take action after one complaint or even several. As in the case of Dr. Hasil, several lawsuits had to be filed before one clearly dangerous doctor was prevented from doing further harm. All it takes is one rogue doctor or untrained nurse to create a medical emergency for you or a loved one. If you have been the victim of substandard medical care, the only way you can protect yourself and others is to pursue immediate legal action by contacting an attorney and filing a lawsuit. You may be saving not just one, but several lives

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