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Bed Bugs Lawsuit


After moving into her new Annapolis apartment in 2011, Faika Shaaban began to develop a rash on her body. Little did she know that the rash had been caused by bed bugs. Faika was the victim of an unscrupulous landlord who had been notified just weeks earlier that the apartment he would eventually rent to her had a serious bed bug infestation.

With hundreds of bites and a rash Faika did the right thing and hired a professional lawsuit attorney to file a lawsuit against the landlord.

We are happy to announce that a Jury in Anne County has officially awarded her $800,000 in the case. With $650.000 of that reward being for punitive damages, we are hoping this will send a clear message and warning to landlords and hotels alike. If your property has bed bugs and you do not clean it up , you will be sued.

Bed bug lawsuits have been increasing on a nationwide level as innocent victims of these dangerous bugs continue to cause damage and have a negative impact on the life quality of their unsuspecting bite victims. Our society as a whole has had it with immoral landlords and property managers not addressing known bed bug problems.

In a previous case involving a Chicago Motel 6, a jury awarded a sister and brother $382,000 following their bed bugs lawsuit against the hotel chain.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of bed bugs and would like a free consultation from a lawsuit attorney , please complete the contact form found on

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