Invisalign Braces Side Effects Lawsuit

Invisalign Braces Side Effects Lawsuit

Invisalign Braces Side Effects Lawsuit

Invisalign Recall Potential

invisalign side effects recall lawsuitThe United States Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has issued an official warning letter on / to  California based Invisalign Braces maker Align Technology for failure to report life threatening side effects caused by the Invisalign braces.

The FDA warning was issued after Align Technology failed to respond to FDA inquiries requesting more information regarding documented instances of Invisalign side effects causing a variety of injuries in patients including oral ulcerations, life threatening allergic reactions and the possibility of death for Invisalign braces users who experience recurring side effects.



Some of the most common Invisalign side effects associated with the braces include:

Life Threatening Swelling
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Gingival Swelling
Sore Lips
Sore Throat

It is possible that other Invisalign side effects exist but as of yet are not documented as a result of Align Technology's failure to report adverse side effects caused by the Invisalign braces to the FDA.

Historically, there has been an ongoing debate among dentists , orthodontists and patients alike as to the actual effectiveness of the Invisalign braces trays or fabricated aligners. Dental health practitioners have stated that Invisalign braces are far less effective than traditional braces in treating misaligned teeth.

Although Align Technology markets these potentially deadly Invisalign Braces to teens, these products are not limited to teen patients. The Visalign family of clear braces include:

Invisalign Teen
Invisalign Assist
Invisalign Express
Vivera Retainers

And possibly others.

Although the FDA has not issued an actual Invisalign recall linked to these side effects, it is possible that these braces will be recalled and the subject of a class action lawsuit due to the FDA stating that Align Technology was aware of these potentially life threatening side effects and failed to take actions to ensure the safety of the general public.

Do I have a Lawsuit will continue to monitor and report on his situation as more information becomes available.

At this time we would like to publicly suggest that Align Technology cooperates with the FDA in any investigation into the Invisalign braces product and make public all known side effects and health risks. We feel this would be in the best interest of Invisalign as Do I Have A Lawsuit readers will not tolerate negligence on behalf of any manufacturer.

You always have the right to file a lawsuit!

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