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Oil Spill Lawsuit

In what at first sounds like the actions of a responsible oil
corporation, President Obama announced yesterday that BP Oil has
agreed to setup a 20 Billion dollar damages fund for victims of
economic loss related to the gulf oil spill.

Executives for BP Oil along with president Obama, indicated that
payouts for gulf coast business owners would be handled by an
impartial third party organization and that any worker related oil
spill disputes would be handled by a 3 person panel.

To say that we do not trust BP Oil would be an understatement. The way
this company has handled this spill up to this point proves that BP has
been reckless from the very start and should be held accountable for
each and every drip of oil contaminating the gulf

BP oil should be held accountable in a court of law.

Bp will undoubtedly negotiate unfair terms of loss and payment
guidelines for oil spill victims in an effort to deny oil spill
claims. These denied claims will undoubtedly result in lawsuits
against BP with Do I Have A Lawsuit affiliated attorneys in another
unified offensive front to seek justice. Denied Oil Spill claim lawsuit cases are already being filed. Submit your case for more information.

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Discuss this article in the forums (0 replies).

Metlife broker response to Securities and Exchange Commission SEC lawsuit


A former Kingsport MetLife broker has filed a response to a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit claiming he stole $6 million from MetLife customer accounts over a two-year period.

The SEC filed a federal lawsuit against Kingsport resident Mark Salyer in June citing three counts of fraud. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Greeneville. The lawsuit claims Salyer stole approximately $6 million from MetLife customer accounts and invested the money in various real estate ventures.

Earlier this month, Salyer filed a response to the SEC lawsuit stating he is not involved in any activity governed by the federal securities laws.

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BOSTON (Reuters) - Apple Inc is the target of a lawsuit that claims a technology the iPhone uses to surf the Web infringes on a patent filed by Los Angeles real estate developer Elliot Gottfurcht and two co-inventors.


The lawsuit was filed by EMG Technology LLC on Monday in the U.S. District Court in Tyler, Texas. EMG was founded by Gottfurcht, is based in Los Angeles with an office in Tyler, and has just one employee.


The suit alleges that the technology the iPhone uses to navigate and display some websites designed for small phone screens infringes on a patent obtained last month by Gottfurcht and his co-inventors and assigned to EMG.

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