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Hip Replacement Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Hip Replacement Class Action Lawsuit

hip-replacement-recall-lawsuit-hip-implant In light of the Depuy ASR hip replacement class action lawsuits, we would like to remind the general public that Johnson and Johnson has in fact acknowledged that every single one of these Depuy hip implants are more likely than not to be defective and that even hip replacement patients without any symptoms should be tested for metal poisoning at the very least.

This fact alone is grounds for a lawsuit.

As with any hip replacement recall class action lawsuit, the Depuy ASR recall lawsuits will require those with the implant to file either as part of a hip implant class action lawsuit, or as an individual claimant represented by an attorney in your hip recall case.

As we have seen with other hip implant lawsuits, these cases will be handled VIA MDL or multi district litigation.

If you have not recieved your Depuy hip recall lawsuit package or for any questions about future Depuy hip replacement implant multi district litigation, please contact the lead attorney handling these cases for Do I Have A Lawsuit by using the submit my case form found at the top of this page or by clicking here. 


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Bayer Employees File Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Complaint

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals faces a gender discrimination class action lawsuit from six of its former and present female employees. The lawsuit has been filed in New Jersey federal court and claims $100 million in damages from the defendant pharmaceutical company.

The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiffs were discriminated against by the defendant in salary, promotions, and treatment and not appreciated for their achievements, unlike their male colleagues who got higher salary packages, quick promotions, and rewards for their achievements. The suit claims that annual salaries for two of the plaintiffs were $30,000 less than those of male employees at the same level.

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Depuy Hip Class Action Lawsuit MDL

Depuy ASR Hip Replacement Implant Recall

Depuy Hip Class Action Lawsuit MDLJudicial proceedings in the litigation of DePuy ASR hip replacement recall lawsuits will be heard in the Northern District of Ohio / Toledo Ohio. The DePuy hip implant lawsuits have been assigned MDL or Multi District Litigation number MDL 2197.

If you have already submitted your case or called the lead attorney handling these cases for Do I Have A Lawsuit then your claim will automatically be registered and no further action is required by you.

If you have not recieved your packet or have not yet submitted your DePuy ASR hip replacement implant lawsuit via the contact form, you can still submit your case by filling out the short form found here or calling the lead firm directly for immediate help, registration and information.

DePuy ASR hip replacement implants have been recalled globally due to hip implant failure and metal toxicity poisoning found to cause tissue death along with other potentially life threating injuries to implant patients.

Every single recalled Depuy hip implant patient has been instructed to seek medical attention in the form of test for metal toxins within their body. You may have recieved a letter from your orthopedic surgeon detailing the hip implant recall and or recieved a telephone call from Johnson and Johnson instructing you to seek revision surgery and pay for the surgery yourself.

We are completely appalled by this and feel that not only should Johnson and Johnson Depuy pay for any revision surgery upfront, they must pay for damages as well.

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Walmart Class Action Lawsuit

On Tuesday the Supreme Court will begin proceedings to decide the fate of the much talked about gender bias lawsuit against Walmart, the country’s largest private employer, which seeks class certification to represent millions of Walmart employees. The case pits Walmart against millions of female employees, including former and current, who allege rampant gender discrimination in over 3,400 retail stores. In the review on March 29th, the Supreme Court will decide whether the small group of women that filed a gender bias lawsuit against Walmart can represent over a million female employees at Walmart having common grievances against the country’s biggest retailer. The court’s affirmation of class certification will make the lawsuit the largest employment class action suit in the country’s history.

The lawsuit seeks class certification claiming that it is the only means by which broad injunctive relief can be obtained from the defendant, which exercises a strong centralized corporate culture. The plaintiffs contend that class action certification is necessary to give a fillip to anti discrimination laws. The lawsuit urges the Supreme Court to grant it a class certification in order to give women the power to proceed as a class action because individually, the plaintiffs do not have the means or incentive to pursue claims against such a large company.

History of the Case

In 2000, Dukes, a female Walmart employee filed a gender bias lawsuit against her employer, claiming that she was discriminated against despite six years of constant excellent performance reviews. The plaintiff claims that she was disciplined when she complained of discrimination.

In 2001, six female employees of Walmart, working in 13 stores, filed a lawsuit against the employer in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, alleging gender discrimination in pay and promotion despite excellent performance at work. The lawsuit claims that despite being in comparable positions, the plaintiffs were paid less than their male colleagues. Over time, dozens of similarly situated Walmart female employees joined the suit, alleging similar biased treatment at the workplace. The lawsuit seeks class action certification to represent over 1.6 million female employees who have worked or have been working in Walmart stores since December 26, 1998. In June 2004, the federal district judge declared that the lawsuit can go forward as a class action suit under FRCP 23(b)(2). However, Walmart appealed the judgment.

One of the six original plaintiffs alleges that she was denied a promotion despite 25 years of service at Walmart. The plaintiff complains that one of her male general managers told her that she could advance in the company only if she could “doll up” and "blow the cobwebs” off her makeup.
The lawsuit claims that statistical analysis and anecdotal evidence were enough of a proof that the defendant indulged in gender bias, especially with hourly and salaried retail female employees. The suit contends that the plaintiffs were paid lesser salaries and had fewer advancement opportunities than their male colleagues. The suit claims that none of such a discriminatory “pattern is inescapable" and virtually consistent enough to keep women “uniformly disadvantaged."

The lawsuit accuses male managers at Walmart of referring to female employees as "girls," claiming that this has become a corporate culture at the organization, which is predominated with stereotypes demeaning to women. The lawsuit claims that the defendant’s corporate policies gave local male managers the discretion to make hiring and salary decisions, which resulted in “tap on the shoulder” system, giving them the leeway to create more opportunities for their male colleagues.

The lawsuit alleges Walmart of indulging in “delaying tactics” by arguing against the class certification and ignoring the real issue of gender discrimination, which is an endemic malpractice within the company.

The lawsuit accuses the defendant of letting systemic discrimination against women prevail at the workplace. The plaintiffs seek to vindicate their civil rights, their rights to fair salary and promotions. The lawsuit claims that the defendant failed to check the local store managers who often indulged in making sexist decisions regarding promotions and pay.

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Taco Bell Lawsuit

Taco Bell LawsuitA class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of California resident Amanda Obney against fast food chain Taco Bell for false advertising of its Mexican inspired food products containing what the company has marketed as beef.

The lawsuit which seeks truth in advertising in the way Taco Bell markets it's taco , burrito , nacho and other beef based Mexican food products, states that the meat used in these fast food products contain less than 35% of actual beef.

Talk about the Taco Bell lawwsuit now and see what others are saying on the Do I Have A Lawsuit Forum ... The new way to know when you might have a lawsuit.

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