Avandia Lawsuit

Avandia Side Effects

Avandia Heart Attack

As some of you may have seen on the news or heard on the radio, the diabetes drug Avandia is once again making headlines as a result of a report by Senators Max Baucus and Chuck Grassley. The report is the result of a two year investigation into the Glaxo Smith Kline drug and THE FDA's handling of safety concerns related to Avandia and the increased risk of heart attack to Avandia patients.


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Avandia Lawsuit

Avandia Side Effects

Avandia Heart Attack

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Avandia Lawsuit

Avandia Recall

As attorneys across the nation react to last weeks report linking Avandia to heart attack and heart failure in hundred's if not thousands of unsuspecting patients across America, you can count on Do I Have A Lawsuit for important lawsuit information and free case reviews by highly rated and proven affiliated attorneys whom specialize in drug recall and side effects cases such as the increased heart attack and heart failure risk caused by Avandia. If you or a loved one has taken Avandia and experienced any side effects, please click here to submit your case for a free case evaluation by a top rated Do I Have A Lawsuit Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer.
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Avandia Recall And Potential Avandia Class Action Lawsuit Heart Attack Side Effects Report information

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BP Oil Spill Class Action Lawsuit

It is with great sadness that we here at doihavealawsuit .com must report that total economic loss in business revenue and property devaluation from the BP Oil Spill will possibly reach into the billions of dollars as hotels , restaurants and tourism related businesses along the coast and across the country continue to feel the impact of this catastrophic disaster.

As citizens of the United States, we hold BP completely responsible for this devastating oil spill / leak and intend to do any and everything we can to help those affected by this BP Oil Spill to recover damages. We have researched hundreds of maritime Attorneys , Lawyers and professional law firms and in our opinion we have selected the very best Law Firm to take these cases on and handle all BP oil lawsuit claims as well as any and all BP Oil Spill Class action Lawsuit representation for the people we care about. ( Our Do I Have A lawsuit Readers ) To contact the firm handling these cases for all BP oil spill related lawsuits and claims , please submit your contact information via the Do I Have A Lawsuit contact form found on the doihavealawsuit.com main page or by clicking here. Your claim evaluation is completely free and the attorney will contact you within 24 hours of submitting the form.

Remember, be safe. Do not attempt to clean up the oil spill with your bare hands or at all for that matter.

Keep children and pets away from polluted water and grasslands.

Do not attempt to rescue oil soaked birds or wildlife without proper training and protection.

Safety and Family First…


BP Oil Spill Class Action Lawsuit

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Avandia Recall

Avandia Lawsuit

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Within a matter of days we will soon know if our voice has truly been heard  as an FDA advisory panel takes another look at the deadly side effects of Avandia and its relation to increased heart attack risk in diabetic patients across America. Do i Have A Lawsuit has given voice to citizen concerns that Avandia has been a major factor in heart attack related death and complications for diabetes patients across the globe and are proud of our role in researching reports of Avandia side effects in our primary goal to have Avandia recalled and pulled from pharmacy shelves.
We will no longer accept email or quasi phone call explanations from companies like
Glaxo Smith Kline ( GlaxoSmithKline ) or review drug maker submitted documents in our decisions to go after these companies we will continue to seek out what we feel to be the best possible legal representation for our members and readers and do everything in our power to hold these companies accountable for every single injury and or side effect caused by their products.

They must pay!! Plain and simple. Avandia Lawsuit

The Avandia recall will undoubtedly produce a whirlwind of lawyer websites, blogs and pages all claiming to be the best choice possible in pursuing an Avandia lawsuit for heart attack or heart failure claim against Glaxo Smith Kline for the Avandia product. The truth is, a great deal of the advertising you will see in the coming weeks will be that of attorneys whom may lack the knowledge and know-how needed to succesfuly present an Avandia recall case as these are complicated cases sure to end up in a Multidistrict Litigation Avandia Class Action Lawsuit.
After careful review, research and consideration, Do I Have A lawsuit has chosen lawyers whom we feel to be capable, ready and able to  represent our family of readers, members and friends of Do I have A Lawsuit . Com in any and all Avandia lawsuit cases including Avandia recall cases related to heart attack and heart failure as well as other Avandia side effects lawsuits. These attorneys have been chosen to represen all Avandia Class Action Lawsuit cases related to the recall on behalf of the entire Do I have a Lawsuit . Com network.

Do I Have A Lawsuit affiliated attorneys will seek justice for you and your family with a free Avandia lawsuit case review. Click here to submit you Avandia recall Lawsuit case.

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Depuy Hip Class Action Lawsuit MDL

Depuy ASR Hip Replacement Implant Recall

Depuy Hip Class Action Lawsuit MDLJudicial proceedings in the litigation of DePuy ASR hip replacement recall lawsuits will be heard in the Northern District of Ohio / Toledo Ohio. The DePuy hip implant lawsuits have been assigned MDL or Multi District Litigation number MDL 2197.

If you have already submitted your case or called the lead attorney handling these cases for Do I Have A Lawsuit then your claim will automatically be registered and no further action is required by you.

If you have not recieved your packet or have not yet submitted your DePuy ASR hip replacement implant lawsuit via the contact form, you can still submit your case by filling out the short form found here or calling the lead firm directly for immediate help, registration and information.


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DePuy ASR hip replacement implants have been recalled globally due to hip implant failure and metal toxicity poisoning found to cause tissue death along with other potentially life threating injuries to implant patients.

Every single recalled Depuy hip implant patient has been instructed to seek medical attention in the form of test for metal toxins within their body. You may have recieved a letter from your orthopedic surgeon detailing the hip implant recall and or recieved a telephone call from Johnson and Johnson instructing you to seek revision surgery and pay for the surgery yourself.

We are completely appalled by this and feel that not only should Johnson and Johnson Depuy pay for any revision surgery upfront, they must pay for damages as well.

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