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Disney World Accident Lawsuit

The previously filed lawsuit against Walt Disney World ( Orlando ) has been settled. If you are a regular reader, you may remember that this case involved the April 2010 disney world bus accident , that resulted in the untimely death of a 9 year old male child.

The mother of the child ( Chase Brubaker) involved in this accident has now settled her lawsuit against Disney World.

The accident occurred when Chase was innocently riding his bicycle at a Walt Disney World resort named “ Fort Wilderness Resort” when he was struck and killed by a Disney owned and operated bus. The Florida Highway Patrol investigated and determined that the bus driver was not at fault and as such no charges were ever filed in the case. has not yet recieved information detailing the terms of the settlement.

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Cymbalta Side Effects Lawsuit Attorney


Cymbalta Side Effects Attorney

cymbalta-side-effects-lawsuit-attorneyAntidepressant Cymbalta ranks among the Top 10 most reported prescription drugs for adverse events in the United States. The drug was reported 278 times on the FDA MedWatch program for causing serious side effect injuries in 2011. According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, the nodal agency for monitoring prescription drug side effect injuries and the publisher of the QuarterWatch surveillance report, manufacturer Eli Lilly was aware of at least 789 incidents where users suffered from severe adverse events caused by Cymbalta.

Cymbalta carries a black box warning, the highest FDA safety alert, for suicidal thoughts and is listed as a “Do Not Use” pill by the consumer group Public Citizen. The antidepressant is used to treat major depressive disorders, musculoskeletal pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and stress urinary incontinence. However, a number of research studies have also highlighted the fact that the antidepressant fails to offer any significant benefit over other existing medications commonly used to treat these disorders. The medication side effects are also linked to liver toxicity, psychiatric disorders, sensory disturbances, neurological problems, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, sexual dysfunction, and serotonin syndrome.

History of Cymbalta


                                            Cymbalta Fact File

Generic Name:   Duloxetine

Cymbalta Use:  Major depressive disorders, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal pain, chronic fatigue, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, stress urinary incontinence, and interstitial cystitis

Manufacturer:  Eli Lilly, Indianapolis

Year of Approval:  August 2004

MedWatch Complaints: 278 on MedWatch; 789 from manufacturers

Major Cymbalta Side Effects:  Hepatoxicity, psychological side effects, withdrawal symptoms, Stevens-Johnson syndrome,  orthostatic hypotension, sexual dysfunction, suicidal thought, serotonin syndrome

Cymbalta FDA Warning:  2005 FDA black box warning; October 2005 for liver injury; September 2007 for urinary problems;  July 2011 for serotonin syndrome;



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Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer Attorney


Michigan Accident Lawyer Attorney

Michigan Auto Accident Lawsuit AttorneyStatistics reveal that about 1,000 people die and more than 70,000 get injured every year in Michigan car accidents. On May 18, 2013, a 51-year-old doctor, working at Michigan University Health System, lost his life after his Volkswagen Cabrio veered off the road, hitting the Zeeb Road overpass abutment on eastbound I-94. Earlier that week, a 17-year-old was killed while two female passengers were rescued in critical condition as a SMART bus collided with their Ford Escort in Dearborn. The Michigan Avenue was closed for hours following the Michigan auto accident.

Grayling High School golf team head coach Jason Potter and one of his players died following an intersection collision on County Road 612 near Kalkaska on April 29, 2013. A number of players and passengers, including minors, were also injured in the Michigan car accident. In January 2013, a morning auto accident near I-75 in Detroit left three fatalities, including two children seven and nine years, and 40 others injured. In a 2007 car accident, Michigan football player Elliott Mealer suffered serious injuries and became paralyzed for life while his father and girlfriend lost their lives.

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Land Trust Lawsuit - Indian -


Indian Land Trust Lawsuit

On December 12, 2012, the court gave a green signal to commence distribution of payments to American Indians as per the $3.4 billion Indian land trust lawsuit settlement between tribes and the federal government. Federal Judge Thomas Hogan of Washington, D. C., permitted Atlanta-based law firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, which represented the litigants, to start the first round of distribution. About 350,000 beneficiaries of 41 native Indian tribes across the United States are expected to receive $1,000 checks. The payments are to be given as part of the 2009 Indian land trust lawsuit settlement, which was filed by Elouise Cobell, a Montana banker, in 1996, alleging mismanagement of land trust royalties by the federal government.

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Bed Bugs Lawsuit


After moving into her new Annapolis apartment in 2011, Faika Shaaban began to develop a rash on her body. Little did she know that the rash had been caused by bed bugs. Faika was the victim of an unscrupulous landlord who had been notified just weeks earlier that the apartment he would eventually rent to her had a serious bed bug infestation.

With hundreds of bites and a rash Faika did the right thing and hired a professional lawsuit attorney to file a lawsuit against the landlord.

We are happy to announce that a Jury in Anne County has officially awarded her $800,000 in the case. With $650.000 of that reward being for punitive damages, we are hoping this will send a clear message and warning to landlords and hotels alike. If your property has bed bugs and you do not clean it up , you will be sued.

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