The wife of comatose former Dallas Cowboys running back Ron Springs filed a medical malpractice suit in state district court Tuesday claiming gross negligence by the anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon involved in an October surgery to remove a cyst from her husband's left forearm.

Springs suffered a heart attack during the surgery at Medical City Dallas Hospital and has been in a coma ever since.

Attorney Les Weisbrod, who is representing Adriane Springs in the lawsuit, said he is still gathering evidence and could eventually include the hospital in the suit. He said it could take two years before the case comes to trial.

The anesthesiologist, Joyce Abraham, was described by Weisbrod as "a rookie" who had been practicing for three months.

She did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

A receptionist at the office of plastic surgeon Dr. David Godat at Medical City, said he was "not interested" in discussing the case.

Details of the suit were revealed at a news conference at the George L. Allen Sr. court building. Mrs. Springs sat alongside her stepson, Shawn Springs, a member of teh Washington Redskins, not far from her husband’s former teammate Everson Walls.

"I know and my family knows he would want us to do this," Mrs. Springs said referring to her 51-year-old husband who remains at Medical City.

Ron Springs and Everson Walls made national headlines last February when Springs received a kidney from Walls in a transplant at Medical City.

Springs returned to the hospital on Oct. 12 for a follow-up day surgery to remove a cyst, described as being one centimeter by two centimeters. It was a requirement before going under an additional surgery in hopes of reversing a muscle problem that affected his arms and hands.

"He just wanted to get it done," Walls said.

Weisbrod said a follow-up lawsuit will be filed in federal court to challenge Texas' $250,000 cap for pain and suffering in malpractice awards.

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