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Hydroxycut Lawsuit Attorney

Liver Damage Recall Lawyer Information

So far the slow flow of information surrounding the hydroxycut lawsuit or FDA hydroxycut recall has produced information showing that the dietary supplement hydroxycut has been linked to various adverse side effects such as liver damage, elevated liver enzymes , liver transplant due to liver damage and or death , cardiovascular problems , seizures, and serious muscle damage  rhabdomyolysis)

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While only one death has been reported thus far , lawyers have indicated that others are likely to follow after Do I Have A lawsuit Attorneys file class action lawsuits related to the recall. Hydroxycut contains a variety of ingredients that alone or possibly when used with other ingredients could be responsible for the liver damage.

As always Do I have A Lawsuit . Com has thoroughly researched the this situation and based upon expertise , knowledge and rating from other attorneys and organizations we have selected a nationwide consumer justice law firm to represent those who may have taken hydroxycut or would like to represent a loved one in a lawsuit related to these products.

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