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LOGAN — A lawsuit over a van crash that killed nine people from Utah State University has been settled.

An order was filed in federal court in Salt Lake City, dismissing DaimlerChrysler Motors from the lawsuit. A settlement has reportedly been reached, but lawyers would not disclose the terms.

Several lawsuits were filed after the crash in September 2005 on I-84 near Tremonton. The lawsuit says that the Dodge van's tire tread peeled off, causing the van to roll. Everyone inside was ejected, and eight USU students and their teacher were killed.

The lawsuit said the Dodge van was defective, including an unsafe center of gravity, dangerous handling, unsafe seatbelt design and unsafe tires.

A lawsuit is still pending against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

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months after family members of a Tongan prince killed in a Highway 101 traffic accident filed a civil lawsuit against the Ford Motor Co., the mother of the princess killed in the same deadly rollover has also filed a lawsuit, according to court documents filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Prince Tu'ipelehake, 54, Princess Kaimana Tu'ipelehake, 45, and their driver Vinisia Hefa, 36, died in July 2006 after 19-year-old Edith Delgado's Ford Mustang sideswiped the royal's 1998 Ford Explorer, causing the red northbound SUV to roll multiple times and land on its roof in Menlo Park.

In criminal proceedings, Delgado, whom prosecutors said had been speeding, was weaving in and out of traffic and racing with another SUV. She was convicted of misdemeanor manslaughter and sentenced to two years in jail last year.

In June, the Tongan prince's sons filed a lawsuit against the Ford Motor Co., arguing that the faulty design of the vehicle was the cause of their deaths. At the time, San Jose attorney Richard Alexander, representing the sons and the prince's brother, Mailefihi Tu'ipelehake, described the vehicle as unstable because of its high center of gravity. The vehicle's handling also was compromised because it was retrofitted with oversized tires that were underinflated - factors that Ford should have warned consumers about, Alexander said.

Similarly, the lawsuit filed Wednesday by Mailefihi Tu'ipelehake and Tuna Fielakepa, mother of Princess Kaimana Tu'ipelehake, alleges that the vehicle's high center of gravity contributed to its tendency to rollover and flip; the problem was made worse by an underinflated front right tire. Oversized tires, which raised the vehicle's center of gravity and about which Ford allegedly failed to warn users, are also blamed in the latest court documents.

The prince's brother and the princess' mother also name as defendants the estate of the driver, Vinisia Hefa; and John Hiss III, the vehicle's Palo Alto owner; as well as Edith Delgado and Jose Delgado, the young woman's father. Hefa and Hiss are accused of negligently and carelessly maintaining the modified Ford Explorer.

Philip Welton, the Oakland-based attorney representing the prince's brother and the princess' mother, could not be reached by phone to discuss the case.

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Gardasil vaccine may be responsible for death in young women in teens.

The Merck vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2006 as a preventative treatment against HPV  (human papilloma virus) a sexually transmitted virus that cause warts and cervical cancer.

Gardasil has been linked to over eight thousand instances of side effects and adverse reactions to the vaccine such as immune system disorders, paralysis and death.

It is estimated that over eight million young women across the United States have taken the potentially fatal drug.

The potentially lethal side effects of Gardasil may in fact be grounds for a lawsuit.

Please contact us to have your case reviewed by an experienced wrongful death or side effects lawyer offering free consultation for cases involving a Gardasil Lawsuit.

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When patients visit a licensed doctor, they expect that they will be treated using the very best and safest in medical and pharmaceutical technology. Most people would never dream that the drugs they are prescribed to treat a simple urinary tract infection or bronchitis could create crippling and lifelong side effects or permanent imjuries. However, with the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotic which includes the commonly prescribed drugs Cipro and Levaquin, more and more disastrous side effects are being reported. This is one powerful example of the treatment being worse than the cure, a story that unfortunately is not uncommon in modern medicine, and is often times the basis for class action lawsuits by attorneys related to drug recall injuries.

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