The charge says that Sun Mar Health Care, Inc. advertises by falsely claiming to provide attentive skilled nursing care. Sun Mar's marketing materials claim the facilities provide skilled nursing care services The suit alleges that residents do not receive adequate care.

The lawsuit alleges that deficient care and negligence of residents was a corporate strategy dictated by its parent corporation, officers, managers, and the principals of Sun Mar Health Care. The suit specifically names Irving Bauman, president and principal of Sun Mar Health Care, Inc., and the administrators and managing agents of each of the 18 facilities, including Robert Koontz, Hanh Ta, Pat Chase-Lyle, David Ormiston, Chris Stottlemyer, Ron Ofer, Sandra Faay, Andrew Litchman, Fernando Rodriguez, Janie Chen-Campos, Martin Hipschman, Smita Muir, Carmen Hernandez, Robert Furbin, Bertha Noble, and John Baldwin.

The suit alleges that the company and its heads, deliberately short-staffed its facilities.

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