Hip Replacement Implant Lawsuit Attorney

Hip Replacement Implant Lawsuit Attorney Hip Replacement Implant Class Action Lawsuit

Hip Replacement Implant Lawsuit Attorney

Hip Replacement Implant Class Action Lawsuit

Articular surface replacement DEPUY  ASR hip replacement implants were made and marketed by DePuy Orthopaedics.
Hip Implant Replacement Recall Lawsuit AttorneyThe hip replacement recall scandals are a result of defective hip replacement implants having a high failure rate as well as  causing metal poisoning in some paitents with certain metal on metal hip implants.
The recalled defective hip have resulted in hundreds of patients being poisoned from metal particles found in the defective hip replacements.
Some news media are calling the failed hip implant lawsuits the worst disa

Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit

ster in the history of orthopaedic sugery.
The articular surface replacement (ASR) hip was made and marketed by
DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson company. As a result , patients have already filed hip replacement lawsuits against the company seeking a variety of damages.
Although Depuy recalled the faulty metal on metal Depuy ASR hip by issuing a worldwide recall in 2010, 93,000 patients worldwide had already been implanted with the defective hip replacement device. Hip replacement implant class
action lawsuit proceedings in the United States by members of the doihavealawsuit
.com legal community may have been filed by our affiliated attorneys. Be sure to submit your case or call the lead firm directly for more information.
Patients who received the defective hip replacement implants are likely to undergo the painful process of revision surgery. Hip replacement revision surgery is both complex and painful. These revision surgeries may or may not correct the issues surrounding the failed hip devices. Many recipients of the Depuy ASR hip implant devices also suffered illness from metal poisoning associa
ted with the metal on metal Hip implants.
Hip replacement class action lawsuit damages seek to compensat
e the
se unsuspecting victims of these failed hip implant devices by forcing Johnson and Johnson Depuy Orthopaedics to compensate patients for there pain , suffering and other issues related to their receiving the defective hip implants.
Metal poisioning consisting of both Cobalt and Chromium have been found in the blood and tissue of hip replacement implant patients. These toxic metals can not only cause severe organ damage, but can actually cause tissue death and the premature wearing away of human bones. Cobalt poisoning has also been known to cause tinnitus as well as have serious impact to patient vision.

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