Hydroxtcut Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

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As the number of weight loss drugs as well as supplements being recalled increases due to their link to health problems and death.   Hydroxycut stands out as one of the most widely used dangerous products previously readily availible on the market . Hydroxycut was marketed as a low cost diet aid and fat burner. It was recalled by the FDA due to liver injuries and death as a result of taking the drug, .

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There were 14 different Hydroxycut products initially recalled by the FDA. They include the following: 
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  regular rapid release caplets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  caffeine free rapid release caplets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  hardcore liquid caplets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Max liquid caplets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  regular drink packets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  caffeine free drink packets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Hardcore drink packets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Max drink packets
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Liquid shots
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Hardcore RTDs
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Max Aqua Shed
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  24
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Carb Control
• Hydroxycut Lawsuit  Natural

These products have all been recalled by the FDA and deemed unsafe for human consumption. If you are taking any of these hydroxycut products, stop immediately to prevent initial or further liver damage.

The FDA has not yet been determined which ingredients / components of hydroxycut are causing the liver damage. In addition to liver damage, other health problems linked to Hydroxycut include kidney failure, muscle damage and cardiovascular problems. 



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