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Attorney Lawsuit over babies blood

The practice of storing babies blood for possible scientific research is being challenged in a federal lawsuit in Texas.

The Lawsuit filed against the Texas Department Of Health Services along with Texas A&M University was filed in U.S. District Court by 5 plaintiffs. The lawsuit states that since the babies blood was collected without parental consent, that the health department as well as the university had violated the parents protections from illegal search and seizure as protected under the constitution.

Texas began collecting the blood samples some decades ago in order to screen the blood for various birth defects and human disorders. Under current Texas law midwives, doctors and hospitals have a right to collect the blood without parental consent.

When the department of health began retaining blood samples in 2002 for the purpose of research no one took into consideration that collecting the blood samples was in fact both a invasion of privacy and an unethical method of collecting research material. Attorneys on both sides were unavailable for comment.

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Verizon telemarketer lawsuit settled. 

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Verizon Wireless has settled a lawsuit against a telemarketing company for illegally calling verizon customers. The lawsuit filed last month against Feature Films for Families, a Utah-based telemarketing company, for illegally calling Verizon Wireless customers to promote a movie, "The Velveteen Rabbit." In addition to a permanent injunction preventing any future calls, the telemarketing company has agreed to a $25,000 cash settlement. Verizon Wireless will donate the lawsuit funds to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH).

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Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit Attorney Information

If you have already submitted your contact information for the Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit you will likely receive your package within a few days of the attorney contacting you. If you called the law firm handling these lawsuits directly , then you should receive your hydroxycut lawsuit information packet within a few days of making the call.


The attorney handling these lawsuits is a top rated trial attorney who has won major cases all over the country with prior experience representing a large number of plaintiffs in similar lawsuits such as Phen-Fen and other dietary / nutritional supplements.

To take part in these lawsuits against hydroxycut or muscle tech you can either call the attorney directly right now at:


use the submit my case link found on the homepage of

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Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit
Hydroxycut Lawsuit

The hydroxycut weight loss and bodybuilding supplement has been linked to liver damage and permanent liver injury, if you are taken hydroxycut and expirienced liver problems you most likely have a lawsuit. 

To contact the Hydroxycut Lawsuit Claim Center and lead attorney for these cases for for a free case evaluation at no cost. complete the case review form found here on the

In a case that would have puzzled some of the nation's most prominent doctors,

A 33 year old woman arrived at the Yale New Haven emergency room with complaints of extreme fatigue , dark urine and a yellowing of her skin. Hospital lab test quickly identified the problem as acute liver inflammation.

A liver specialist at Yale, Joseph Lim, began to investigate. He noted that the woman had been taking Hydroxycut supplements for weight loss for two weeks. Several reports in the medical literature had linked Hydroxycut (which is used for both bodybuilding and weight loss) to liver damage.

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Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

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Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit Registration Information

If you have already received your lawsuit information package from the attorney handling these hydroxycut lawsuit claims, please be sure to complete and return your lawsuit paperwork immediately.

If you called the 800 number to register directly with the lead attorney handling all hydroxycut class action lawsuit cases for Do I Have A Lawsuit then you were provided information regarding your potential lawsuit against the makers of hydroxycut and provided a time frame for delivery of your lawsuit package.

If you have not submitted your hydroxycut class action lawsuit claim information, you may do so by filling the form and clicking the submit button found here: Hydroxycut Class Action Lawsuit


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