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Pizza Hut Class Action Lawsuit

About 20,000 to 30,000 Pizza Hut delivery drivers are set to benefit as eligible plaintiffs from a national collective lawsuit filed against Overland Park’s NPC International Inc. A federal court in Kansas has certified the class action lawsuit accusing the franchisee, with the largest chain of Pizza Hut restaurants, of minimum wage violation. The plaintiffs claim NPC is paying lowballed wages and mileage reimbursements to delivery drivers. It covers all drivers worked for 1,135 NPC Pizza Hut locations across 28 states in the past three years preceding March 28th, 2011.

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Hip Replacement Implant Lawsuit Attorney

Hip Replacement Implant Class Action Lawsuit

Articular surface replacement DEPUY  ASR hip replacement implants were made and marketed by DePuy Orthopaedics.
Hip Implant Replacement Recall Lawsuit AttorneyThe hip replacement recall scandals are a result of defective hip replacement implants having a high failure rate as well as  causing metal poisoning in some paitents with certain metal on metal hip implants.
The recalled defective hip have resulted in hundreds of patients being poisoned from metal particles found in the defective hip replacements.
Some news media are calling the failed hip implant lawsuits the worst disa

Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit

ster in the history of orthopaedic sugery.
The articular surface replacement (ASR) hip was made and marketed by
DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson company. As a result , patients have already filed hip replacement lawsuits against the company seeking a variety of damages.
Although Depuy recalled the faulty metal on metal Depuy ASR hip by issuing a worldwide recall in 2010, 93,000 patients worldwide had already been implanted with the defective hip replacement device. Hip replacement implant class
action lawsuit proceedings in the United States by members of the doihavealawsuit
.com legal community may have been filed by our affiliated attorneys. Be sure to submit your case or call the lead firm directly for more information.
Patients who received the defective hip replacement implants are likely to undergo the painful process of revision surgery. Hip replacement revision surgery is both complex and painful. These revision surgeries may or may not correct the issues surrounding the failed hip devices. Many recipients of the Depuy ASR hip implant devices also suffered illness from metal poisoning associa
ted with the metal on metal Hip implants.
Hip replacement class action lawsuit damages seek to compensat
e the
se unsuspecting victims of these failed hip implant devices by forcing Johnson and Johnson Depuy Orthopaedics to compensate patients for there pain , suffering and other issues related to their receiving the defective hip implants.
Metal poisioning consisting of both Cobalt and Chromium have been found in the blood and tissue of hip replacement implant patients. These toxic metals can not only cause severe organ damage, but can actually cause tissue death and the premature wearing away of human bones. Cobalt poisoning has also been known to cause tinnitus as well as have serious impact to patient vision.

To contact the lead attorney handling all defective hip implant cases directly, you may submit your case here at Do I Have A Lawsuit or call the lead firm directly to speak to the lead attorney today!
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Chase Class Action Lawsuit


In what we consider to be a great development for consumer justice, Judge Maxine Chesney has certified the the attorney filed class action lawsuit against Chase Bank the class action lawsuit stems from interest rate increases on Chase Bank check loans.
Lawyers filed the Chase class action lawsuit f in 2009 as a result of Chase promising its consumers lifetime / permanent low interest rates on Chase Bank check loans. The victims in this case were issued Chase credit cards with a minimum monthly payment of 2% on each account. These cards included a credit card check option that allowed the these customers the option to take a loan with a fixed APR ( annual percentage rate ) until the balance was paid off.
However, Chase later failed to hold up their end of the bargain when they forced their customers to make increased minimum payments or pay higher interest rates on the loans.
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Facebook Lawsuit

Facebook Privacy Lawsuit

A U.S. District Court in San Jose, California, has allowed a lawsuit accusing Facebook of privacy violations to proceed. The lawsuit has claimed that the most popular social-networking site in the world gave advertisers unauthorized access to personal information of users when they clicked on ads. Though the court dismissed eight claims due to lack of tangible evidence, it rejected the plea by the social-networking site to dismiss the entire lawsuit and allowed five claims to be refiled. Judge James Ware observed that the allegations by the plaintiffs were enough to establish the fact that they have suffered the injury.
The plaintiffs, two individuals from California, filed the lawsuit against Facebook earlier this year seeking damages for injury caused on eight grounds, violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Stored Communications Act, fraud, breach of contract, unfair competition, and other claims. According to the plaintiffs, Facebook allowed advertisers to access their profiles and personal information after they clicked on advertisements between February 2010 and March 2010. They claim this act of the social-networking major make them feel “injured,” as advertisers are not authorized to access names, genders, and pictures of users without their consent.
Similar Privacy Lawsuits Against Facebook
Facebook is the largest social-networking site with more than 500 million members. However, there have been several complaints against the site for failure to protect the privacy of users. Facebook is also listed by the European Union for possible privacy-rule breaches and unauthorized use of personal data. In 2005, two MIT students demonstrated the possibility of data mining on the Facebook by downloading over 70,000 profile information.
Facebook Data Mining Case in Canada
In May 2009, the Privacy Commission of Canada suggested Internet providers to block Facebook, as it did not comply with national privacy laws. It preceded the famous "minefield of privacy invasion" suit filed by three Ottawa University law students. Facebook agreed to comply with privacy norms suggested under the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act after persistent legal pressure.
California Class Action Lawsuits Against Facebook
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Botox Side Effects Lawsuit Attorney

The New Jersey Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee approved a bill on May 19th proposing a ban on injecting Botox to people younger than 18. The bill prohibits minors from taking botulinum toxin injections for cosmetic purposes unless a doctor prescribes them for medical problems. It cites a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that warns of large-scale use of these injections by teenagers and concomitant side effects. It followed the widely published news of a California mother giving Botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter to prepare her for a beauty pageant contest. The San Francisco Human Services Agency began an investigation and the mother was relieved of the responsibility of the custody of the child after the incident sparked protests from the medical community and child right activists.

Botox is used to treat strabismus, facial spasms, and neurological disorders by preventing abnormal muscle contractions. Its cosmetic use has been very popular as the botulinum toxin protein smoothes facial wrinkles. However, if not carefully targeted, the drug can lead to serious side effects, including death.

Botox Side Effects Complaints

The FDA allowed Allergan to manufacture and distribute Botox in 1989 for therapeutic use in patients above 12 years. It approved its cosmetic use in April 2002. However, the drug was linked to deaths and several other harmful side effects soon. A report in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology’s September 2005 issue revealed that about 28 individuals had died due to Botox between 1989 and 2003. This led to demand for investigations, which revealed that Botox could spread to other areas in the body and impact them. The FDA admitted in February 2008 that the drug was responsible for serious adverse reactions, such as respiratory failure and death.

In April 2009, the FDA announced updated

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