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Tamiflu Lawsuit

Tamiflu Side Effects

Tamiflu, an oseltamivir phosphate capsule used for oral solution, is used for the treatment of simple acute illness as a result of influenza infection in patients older than a year that have had symtoms for more than 2 days.

 Used as a prophylaxis of influenza in patients older than 1 year of age, it should be considered before treatment with Tamiflu is not a substitute for early vaccination yearly. Vaccination is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and can not be replaced by Tamiflu.  Resistance mutations can emerge and could decrease Tamiflu’s effectiveness as a result of the Influenza virus changing over time. Physicans should consider susceptibility patterns and the effects of treatment before deciding on whether to use Tamiflu on a patient.

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Natrecor Lawsuit

Natrecor Side Effects

Natrecor is a purified preparation for human B-type natriuretic

peptide (hBNP) and is manufactured, using recombinant DNA technology, from E.

coil. The empirical formula for Nesiritide has is C143H244N50O42S4. It is

supplied in a single-use vial.

Netrecor is used to treat patients with acutely decompensated

congestive heart failure who have dyspnea at rest or patients who have

minimal activity. Treatment with Natrecor has reduced pulmonary capillary

wedge pressure and improved dyspnea in this sort of patients.

Netrecor is for intravenous use only and blood pressure should

be monitored closely during the administration of Netrecor. If during the

administration of Natrecor hypotension occurs, the dose is

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Avandia Lawsuit

Avandia Side Effects

Avandia Heart Attack

As some of you may have seen on the news or heard on the radio, the diabetes drug Avandia is once again making headlines as a result of a report by Senators Max Baucus and Chuck Grassley. The report is the result of a two year investigation into the Glaxo Smith Kline drug and THE FDA's handling of safety concerns related to Avandia and the increased risk of heart attack to Avandia patients.


Please see related press release below.

Avandia Lawsuit

Avandia Side Effects

Avandia Heart Attack

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Avandia Lawsuit

Avandia Recall

As attorneys across the nation react to last weeks report linking Avandia to heart attack and heart failure in hundred's if not thousands of unsuspecting patients across America, you can count on Do I Have A Lawsuit for important lawsuit information and free case reviews by highly rated and proven affiliated attorneys whom specialize in drug recall and side effects cases such as the increased heart attack and heart failure risk caused by Avandia. If you or a loved one has taken Avandia and experienced any side effects, please click here to submit your case for a free case evaluation by a top rated Do I Have A Lawsuit Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer.
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Avandia Recall And Potential Avandia Class Action Lawsuit Heart Attack Side Effects Report information

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