Orlando Police Lawsuit

ORLANDO, Fla. -- 

Federal U.S. District Judge John Antoon has removed the city of Orlando from a lawsuit filed by 29 year old victim Jessica Asprilla after city police officer Fernando Trinidad pushed the young lady down a flight of stairs four years ago.

The incident which was captured on surveillance video cameras show that police officer Fernando Trinidad and Asprilla were walking down a flight of stairs when officer Trinidad thrust his arm out and Ms. Asprilla falls horribly down the stairs and fractures her ankle.



After injuring his young female victim, the Orlando police officer went on to charge her with resisting arrest although she was effectively disabled with a fractured ankle after the brutal fall.

Of course those charges were later dropped.

We wish Ms. Asprilla luck in her police lawsuit and hope justice will be served on her behalf. No one should ever be shoved down a flight of stairs, especially not a young lady by a rouge police officer.

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