TSA Body Scan Lawsuit

TSA Pat Down Lawsuit

An individual lawsuit has been filed in federal court in little Rock Arkansas on behalf of little rock resident Robert Dean as a means to prevent TSA or Transportation Security Administration employees from conducting TSA body scans and or security pat downs on travelers utilizing American airports for air transportation.


This pat down / body scan lawsuit comes amid complaints from travelers that TSA body scans and pat downs violate travelers privacy or personal space.

Recently leaked body scan photos sparked public outrage when the images were shown to show detailed views of private genital areas as well as medical devices and implants located just beneath the skin.

To answer the many emails we have received, requesting that Do I Have A Lawsuit get involved and use our power and influence to stop the installation of these TSA body scanners:

We must regretfully decline to accept any TSA body scan lawsuit as well as any TSA pat down lawsuits. We hope that our readers will understand our reasoning in not wanting to get involved in politically charged lawsuits against the government as we would rather continue to use our extensive influence to fight on behalf of victims of defective products such as Johnson and Johnson Depuy Hip Replacements and Darvocet pain medications.

We will continue to accept all types of lawsuit cases ...

Thank you for your understanding.


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