People Of Walmart

In other news around the internet, we have been made aware of a new website featuring unsuspecting Wal-Mart or  Wal Mart Stores Inc. WMT shoppers in various stages of shopping and or leaving various Wal-Mart  parking lots. The website, meant to poke fun at the unknowing wal-mart shoppers is in poor taste and in our opinion should be grounds for a lawsuit against the site operators.


Although these shoppers were in fact shopping in public, we feel that site operators should not be allowed to profit off the images of people they photograph in public nor launch websites for the sole purpose of ridicule and embarrassment to that individual. .

We hope Wal-Mart files a lawsuit and disables this rouge website as soon as possible.

If the owners of this website have taken a picture of you, without your consent and posted it to their people of wal mart website, please check back here often. If there is anything that can be done against these people, then Do I Have A lawsuit will be sure to provide you with all the information you need to seek compensation.


As always ... Be Safe, Be Mindful And Seek Justice


Take care of yourself


We are on your side!!

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