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Pennsylvania Accident Lawsuit AttorneyAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Pennsylvania was the third state to record the highest increase in the number of auto accident fatalities in the country in 2010. Pennsylvania car accident statistics show that four persons die and more than 300 receive injuries on road every day. On June 28, 2012, five people were killed after a car ran a traffic signal and crashed into a tow truck near Heidelberg Township. Ten days later, ESU football player Derek Brown died of injuries received in a Pennsylvania car crash at Telford, Montgomery County. A Crawford County sentenced a 40-year-old Meadville man to jail on July 2nd for wrong-way drunk-driving crash that killed a 77-year-old woman. A Lutherville man was killed in a Pennsylvania auto accident involving six cars and a tractor trailer along Interstate 81 on July 18th. Within three days, two more people lost their lives in a single vehicle crash in Lancaster County. Movie star Ryan Dunn was killed on June 20, 2011, after his car veered off the road at West Goshen Township of Chester County and hit a roadside tree.

Pennsylvania Auto Accident Lawyer Statistics

  • Pennsylvania had 121,312 traffic crashes, resulting in 1,324 deaths and 87,949 injuries.
  • The state mileage death rate is 1.32, well above the national average.
  • Rural areas in the state witnessed more fatalities (693) than urban areas (631). The mileage fatality rate in rural areas is almost double of that in cities and towns.
  • On an average 332 traffic crashes occur in Pennsylvania, leading to four deaths and 241 injuries every day.
  • One in every 44 persons living in Pennsylvania is found to be involved in auto accident while one in every 9,541 dies and one in every 144 is likely to be injured in Pennsylvania car accidents.
  • Speed is the biggest factor in Pennsylvania car accidents. In 2010, about 53 percent fatalities are attributed to speed of the vehicle.
  • One in every three Pennsylvania traffic accident fatalities is caused by drunk driving. About 10,500 car crashes in the state in 2010 were alcohol related.
  • In 2010, there were 148 pedestrian fatalities and 4,474 injuries.

Pennsylvania Auto Accident County and Causes

Lancaster and Philadelphia counties witnessed the highest number of fatalities and car crashes in Pennsylvania in 2010. York, Erie, Allegheny, Montgomery, Westmoreland, Delaware, Berks, and Bucks counties also recorded a large number of traffic accidents. According to Allstate Insurance annual report, people living in Philadelphia are 60 percent more likely to face auto accidents in every six years. Pittsburg and Allentown also accounted for more number of Pennsylvania auto accidents than other cities and towns.

In 2010, more than half of Pennsylvania car accident fatalities involved single vehicles. Speed, car rollover, and roadway departure are found to be the common reason behind most of the deaths caused in single car accidents. About 70 percent of all crashes in the year were caused by driver error, such as vehicle speed, drunk driving, distracted driving, tailgating, drowsiness, wrong turning, and careless passing. One in every six Pennsylvania car crashes occurs at intersections primarily caused by jumping off red lights and failure to obey to obey traffic rules. According to Pennsylvania car accident statistics released by the Department of Transportation, 37,553 of 121.312 traffic crashes or 31 percent of all in 2010 involved vehicles hitting roadside objects. Angle crashes constitute about 26.5 percent of Pennsylvania auto accidents. There were about 27,127 rear end collisions in 2010, but there wasn’t any loss of life in these accidents.

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