Illinois Accident And Lawsuit Attorney Legal Overview



Illinois Lawsuit AttorneyIn the first five months of 2012, there were 315 fatal auto accidents reported in Illinois. More than 15 drivers and passengers were killed in third week of May alone. On May 12, 2012, traffic on the Interstate 57 at Mattoon in Coles County, Illinois, remained obstructed for several hours following a fatal accident involving a bus carrying the band and crew of singer Justin Moore and two other cars. Within a week of the incident, 14 people, including a teen and four moms, lost their lives in car accidents across the state. A collision between a school bus carrying 33 six-grade children and a tractor trailer near Litchfield on 14 May caused by speed and distraction by drivers resulted in injury to nine. On May 20, the Chicago Tribune reported death of two men and a woman in three fatal auto accidents in the Cook County.

Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics 

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