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California Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workers Compensation Lawsuit

Workers Compensation LawyerOriginally intended as a means of minimizing litigation and providing employees with a well intended financial security resource in the event of unforeseen work related disability, injury or other loss cause for loss of income while performing duties or tasks on the job, workers compensation insurance today has grown to become an often inefficient process that oft times is best suited for attorney oversight from the start.

If you have been denied workers compensation, hiring an attorney is your best option.

In recent years, state governments have made significant changes to workers compensation laws in an effort to combat workers comp insurance fraud in response to insurance industry demand for better protections from workers comp insurance fraud schemes.

Although fraudulent claims account for less than 3% of all workers comp insurance claims, this percentage represents a significant loss for the insurance industry where total losses to fraud exceed greater than 80 billion per year across the industry.

While most insurers operate under well intended protocols and processes, some come companies may unfairly use national insurance fraud statistics to unfairly deny workers compensation benefits to employees and families at what is usually one of the most difficult times in their life.

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California Auto Accident Lawsuit Attorney Information


California Accident Lawsuit Overview

California Accident Lawsuit Attorney OverviewCalifornia, with about 3,000 auto accident fatalities every year, is the most unsecure state for motorists and pedestrians in the United States. The state accounts for almost one in every 12 traffic fatalities in the country largely due to traffic violation, DUI, speeding, and distracted driving. On 31 May 2012, eight students were seriously injured after a speeding pickup truck drove into a crowded crosswalk in Hemet after overstepping the red light. A day before, a mid-night head-on collision at Interstate Highway 20 resulted in the death of three children and a 27-year-old man. Actor Levar Burton’s car was hit from behind by a police official at Van Nuys while wife of NFL star Joe Senser was found guilty in a hit-and-run case that led to death of a man. A few months back, Burton had luckily escaped an accident at Beverly Boulevard. On May 22, 2012, a woman and her three children landed in the hospital with serious injuries after a car hit them at Thousand Oaks crosswalk. Two days later, police arrested well-known adult movie star Jenna Jameson on DUI charges after her car ran into a roadside pole.

In April 2012, singer and actress Amanda Bynes was accused of causing a hit-and-run accident on a California freeway. In 2010, Disney star Demi Lovato was found to be involved in an accident in Los Angles while MTV host Rikki Mongeon went into coma due to head injuries received at an accident in Bakersfield. In 2009, Los Angeles lost promising pitcher Nick Adenhart in an accident that also resulted in two more deaths.

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Disney Lawsuit


disney logoA family visiting Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, from Northern California has filed a multi-count lawsuit against Disney after having been bitten by bedbugs at the company's Grand Californian resort hotel and spa.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles superior court by Danielle and Joseph Jones, states Disney Corp is guilty of fraudulent concealment, negligence, battery, nuisance and both negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family which feeds exclusively on blood

The family seeks unspecified damages.

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