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Arizona Car Accident Lawyer


Arizona Lawsuit Attorney

Arizona Lawsuit Attorney

Arizona auto accidents lead to two deaths and over 130 injuries every day. Four-time Cochise County sheriff Larry Dever died on September 18th in a single vehicle crash near Williams. Last September, a 23-year-old woman suffered from debilitating internal injuries, including ruptured spine and skull, in a car crash on Phoenix Cave Creek Road. An Arizona car accident on the freeway in Phoenix resulted in the death of Comedian Robert Schimmel in September 2010. MLB outfielder and San Diego Padres star Mike Darr was killed in February 2002. He was driving under influence of alcohol and had lost control over his SUV. In December 1999, a car accident in Tuscan led to the death of Cowboy singer Rex Allen Sr. Guitarist Tim Kelly died on February 5, 1998, following head-on collision with an 18-wheeler on Arizona State Route 96.

Arizona Auto Accident Statistics

  • There were 103,423 Arizona car accidents with 33,030 injuries and 825 deaths in 2011.
  • Arizona auto accidents result in one death every 11 hours and one injury every 11 minutes.
  • Alcohol was responsible for one in every three Arizona auto accidents.
  • Single vehicle accidents account for 40 percent of all on-road fatalities.
  • Car crashes are four-time higher in cities and town areas than the countryside while fatalities are equally distributed in urban and rural areas.
  • The state fatality rate at 1.38 continued to be above the national average.

Arizona Auto Accident Causes, Counties

About 82 percent of Arizona car accidents in 2011 involved more than one vehicle. Rear-end collision was the most reported crash event. Roadway departures accounted for more than half of Arizona auto accident fatalities while impaired driving led to almost 80 percent of crashes. About 78 percent of all urban car crashes last year were due to DUI, which highlights that alcohol is the leading cause of Arizona auto accidents. Every one in five Arizona car crashes occurs at intersections, while maximum number of erring drivers are reported for high speed, which is too fast for the accident area.

Maricopa County accounts for the highest number of car accidents every year. In 2011, there were 72,454 car accidents in Maricopa, which was almost 70 percent of all Arizona car accidents. Pima, Pinal, Coconino, and Yavapai are other counties with more than 3,000 auto accidents every year. Pheonix leads the list of most dangerous cities followed by Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tucson.

Arizona Car Accident Most Common Injurie

  • Death because of accident or related injuries

  • Loss of limb and disability of any type

  • Injury to brain

  • Spinal cord, and whiplash injuries

  • Long-term hospital stay caused by external or internal injuries

  • Back and neck pain

  • Fractures, scars, and disfigurement

  • Psychological suffering

Arizona Car Accident Claim Types of Compensation

The following are the most common types of damages claimed by drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists injured in Arizona car accidents.

  • Punitive damages
  • Compensation for physical suffering
  • Compensation for financial losses
  • Compensation for psychological trauma
  • Compensation for medical expenditure caused by accident injury
  • Compensation for job and wage loss
  • Compensation for property and vehicle damaged
  • Disability Compensation
  • Compensation for loss of consortium

Arizona Personal Injury lawsuit The Litigation Process

  • Making Accident Injury Claim: Any one injured in an Arizona car accident can seek damages in three ways. He can directly file the claim with his insurer or ask the insurance provider of the driver responsible to compensate. He has also the option to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party, claiming comprehensive damages.
  • Consult Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer: Confer with an experienced Arizona auto accident lawyer and discuss with him about state laws, statute of limitations, and damage claim process. Arizona car accident lawyer hired by you collects all documentary evidence, including police report, hospital bills, doctor report, and expert opinion on the accident to reinforce your claims.
  • Claim Notification: Your appointed auto accident lawyer notifies the at-fault party about your damage claims.
  • Arbitration and Mediation: Both parties can seek arbitration and mediation. Arbitration award is binding like a legal process while compensation through mediation is arrived based on mutual consent.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit: Arizona auto accident victims can file a personal injury lawsuit in the event their claim is denied by the at-fault driver. The jury makes a decision after hearing arguments of auto accident lawyers representing the parties, Arizona local laws, and pieces of evidence.
  • Settlement: It is the most favored way to settle cases out of court and avoid lengthy legal procedure. Settlement can be made at any time and the court should be informed once it is finalized.

Arizona Car Accident: State Laws

  • State small courts have jurisdiction over accident personal injury damage claims up to $2,500.
  • The state law requires victims of Arizona auto accidents to take legal action seeking damages for bodily injury and property damaged two years from the date of the incident.
  • The time limitation for lawsuit against government agencies or employees varies between 60 and 180 days.
  • For minors injured in Arizona auto accidents, the two-year limitation begins from their 18th birthday.

Arizona Car Accident Insurance Provisions

  • Arizona is a “fault” insurance state. The driver at fault is liable to pay compensation to those injured in the accident caused by him.
  • Arizona drivers should buy threshold insurance liability of
  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per accident
  • $10,000 for damage to property per accident
  • No state law requiring uninsured or under insured motorist coverage insurance.

Arizona Seat Belt Law

Seat belt is a must for drivers.
All front-seat occupants should use lap and should seat belts.
All passengers up to 16 years of age must use seat belts.
Children under 8 years must be restrained in a child seat or a booster seat.

Arizona Car Accident lawsuit

The average compensation awarded to Arizona car accident in the last five years is $24,000. A jury awarded $1.25 million to an Arizona couple seriously injured in a car crash. Another Arizona car accident lawsuit resulted in $940,000 in damages for a family of three for physical and psychological injuries. A motorcyclist injured by the car of a Phoenix police officer received $450,000 in damages. A Mesa court granted $375,000 compensation to a woman injured by a car taking a wrong-side turn. Another woman injured in a hit-and-run accident at Surprise settled for $215,000.

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