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Minnesota Accident Lawsuit AttorneyOn July 9, 2012, a Hennepin County court sentenced wife of ex-Minnesota Viking football star Joe Senser to 41 months for a fatal hit-and-run accident in Minneapolis. A collision involving three cars in Anoka County ten days later left one critically injured and three drivers and a number of passengers with minor injuries. Two people lost their lives on July 23rd night at Grace Lake Road intersection on Highway 48 after one car veered off the road and hit another coming from the opposite direction. Highway 61 was briefly closed on July 25th following a two-car Minnesota auto accident, resulting in three injuries near Bundy Boulevard.

In March 2010, former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Nick Rogers was killed after his car was smashed into a utility pole. Renowned ice hockey coach Herb Brooks lost his life in a Minnesota car accident near Forest Lake in August 2003. Another NFL star Jim Marshall suffered from spinal injuries and broke ribs following a serious car crash in Minnesota. In May 2000, ex-Timberwolves guard Malik Sealy died after a drunk driver rammed a pickup truck into his SUV in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Auto Accident Statistics

  • According to the Office of Traffic Safety, Minnesota auto accidents claimed 368 lives in 2011.
  • There were 111 alcohol-related accident deaths and 40 pedestrian causalities in 2011, according to the report.
  • The Department of Public Safety recorded 72,117 Minnesota car accidents for 2011.
  • On an average 198 Minnesota car accidents occurred every day leading to one death and 83 injuries.
  • Driver distraction was the most important cause of Minnesota car crashes in 2011 followed by unsafe speed and overtaking.
  • Minnesota car accidents resulted in 30, 295 injuries last year, causing disability and life-altering injuries to 1,159 people.
  • There were 3,571 alcohol-related car accidents in Minnesota, leading to 136 fatalities and 2,375 injuries in 2011.
  • The Twin Cities metro area accounted for about 30 percent of all fatalities.
  • The state mileage fatality rate in 2011 stood at 0.65.

Minnesota Auto Accident Causes, Counties, and Cities

In 2011, Hennepin County accounted for 38 fatalities and 19,881 Minnesota car accidents, highest in the state. Ramsey County was the only other county with over 10,000 car crashes that year. Dakota County was third, with over 4,500 crashes, while Anoka and St Louis had over 3,000 crashes. Stearns, Washington, Blue Earth, Olmsted, Scott, and Sherburne are other counties that witness more than 1,000 crashes every year. About 30 percent of all Minnesota car accidents are reported from Minneapolis–Saint Paul urban area, popularly known as the Twin Cities. In 2011, Minneapolis witnessed 9,556 traffic crashes while the figure was 6,276 for St. Paul. Duluth, St. Cloud, Rochester, and Bloomington also witnessed a high number of car accidents.

About 50 percent of all Minnesota car accident deaths in 2011 were attributed to roadway departures. This highlights vehicle speed and driver distraction as important reasons behind majority of Minnesota car crashes. One in every four fatalities occurred at intersections while large trucks caused one in every 10 accidents. DUI caused less than 10 percent car crashes but 35 percent of total fatal accidents.

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