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How to survive a serious car accident

1 year 10 months ago #425 by Humanity


How to survive a serious car accident.How to survive a serious car accident.


Being involved in a car accident can be a life threatening experience that can may leave physical, emotional and psychological scars for many years or even decades to come.


However these injuries do not have necessarily have to fatal or forever debilitating.


You can survive a serious car accident by taking just a few common safety precautions ahead of a car crash.


  1. Wearing a seatbelt has been scientifically proven through research to reduce physical injury in the event of a car accident. When worn properly, seat belts help to reduce the level and distribution of impact energy on the human body by minimizing the space in which our organs can move during an accident. Not only do seat belts prevent us from exiting unexpectedly through a vehicle's windshield during an accident, they also help to control the violent movement of internal organs during a sudden accident. These forces are often the primary cause of serious injury in an accident as the organs are damaged from high levels of sudden violent energy and movement.
  2. Practice proper posture at all time when operating or as a passenger in a motor vehicle. As with any machine, a car has proper and improper operating instructions. For most vehicles, this means sitting in upright forward facing position. While sitting posture and form are often overlooked, it should be noted that automakers have designed vehicles with driver and passenger safety in mind. The position of your body at the time of impact in the event of a car accident can have a significant impact on your level of injuries.


Stay calm, after an accident, you may feel heightened levels of stress and anxiety. While this may be a normal reaction, it could in fact increase the risk of injury post accident via stress related injuries such as heart attack. Relax, stay calm as possible and avoid panicking.


These common measures are easy to remember and implement and could possibly reduce the level of injury suffered by both drivers and passengers in the event of an automobile accident.


Be safe!


And remember, you always have the right to file a lawsuit.

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