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Doctor Linked Hepatitis

2 years 7 months ago #237 by Humanity
Almost 1,400 patients have already been tested since...

 Doctor Linked Hepatitis

A Toms River, New Jersey oncologist names Dr. Parvez Dara is being sued by one of his patients. Dara’s patient of Manchester, Ronald Jacobson, claims he contracted hepatitis B following treatment in Dara’s offices for prostate cancer in 2008 and 2009. According to his lawyer, earlier testing showed that Jacobsen was not infected prior to treatment by Dara.

Dr. Dara was implicated in a hepatitis B outbreak that took place earlier this year. The New Jersey state health officials say that at least 29 of Dara’s nearly 2,800 patients have been diagnosed with hepatitis B and are now suggesting that many more of the patients treated at that patients treated at his office get tested for blood borne disease.

Almost 1,400 patients have already been tested since march. In March when the outbreak was first detected Health inspectors reported Dara’s office to contain various health code violations and described it as unsanitary. Dr. Dara’s office has been cited since 2002 for infection control violations and consequently involves Dara in 50,000 dollars in fine for health code violations.

This leads the state health officials to believe that the outbreak of hepatitis could be linked to the method used by his staff to administer inject able drugs. Dara’s license was suspended in April of this year because inspectors found the use of contaminated gloves, cross contamination of surfaces , misuse of antiseptics , open medication vials, unsterilized gauze and saline, blood on the floor and also blood in the bins where vials of blood was stored.

Letters indicating that all of Dara’s patients should go get tested were sent out in March and then again in August an additional 2,000 letters were sent out, suggesting again that any patients that haven’t been tested do so immediately.


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