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Johnson and Johnson Lawsuit

2 years 8 months ago #195 by Humanity


Johnson and Johnson Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Company Urgent Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free Drops (Simethicone-Antigas) Non-Staining Due To Possible Metal Fragment. Attorney lawsuit claims for non class action lawsuit cases should contact a lawyer.


Often infants from a few days to a year and a half old or more may sometimes experience discomfort due to infant gas. If home remedies do not work then it may be necessary to give them some medication that can give them some relief from their discomfort. There are several companies that manufacture such drops, which can be bought over the counter from retail stores and pharmacies. A lawsuit may occur in the event these products are contaminated or defective


The infants may suffer from great discomfort due to the use of certain formula or foods as well as air swallowing and the drops provide relief from this situation. Generally parents should consult the doctors if they feel that their baby has colic. If gas is the reason for colic then the doctors may recommend the Infants’ MYLICON Drops to reduce that discomfort too. These drops can be used by children of any age including newborns. One of the well-known manufacturers Johnson and Johnson--Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Company manufacture MYLICON drops and distribute them to retail stores and pharmacies across the country.



What is the risk and which are recalled products?The company that undertakes stringent quality measures during its checks found that the MYLICON gas relief dye free drops sold in 1 oz. plastic bottles distributed after October 5, 2008 probably includes metal fragments that were generated during the manufacturing process. Hence, a voluntary recall of these drops has been issued. Parents need not worry though. The recall states that it has not affected any Original Infants’ MYLICON Gas Relief products (in ½ oz. or 1 oz. size) or Infants’ MYLICON Gas Relief Dye Free drops non-staining (in ½ oz size). Moreover, in spite of the existence minute metal fragments it is expected that in a medical event it may be temporary in nature and would be resolved without any medical treatment. However, parents concerned about its effect on their child's health can contact their health care providers immediately in case of symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloody stools, decreased appetite or vomiting blood.


On 7th November 2008 FDA issued a press release regarding the voluntary recall of MYLICON Gas Relief Dye Free drops for infants. The manufacturers Johnson & Johson - Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Company (JJMCP) in consultation with the FDA voluntarily recalled about 12,000 units of these drops distributed nationwide after October 5, 2008


Lots being recalled


Product code#       Lot           Exp     Product name

71683791111-1     SMF007     09/10    Infants’ MYLICON® Gas Relief Dye

Free Non-Staining Drops 1 oz.


71683791111-1     SMF008     09/10   Infants’ MYLICON® Gas Relief Dye

Free Non-Staining Drops 1 oz.


If you have purchased these two category drops then you may simply check the lot numbers on the bottom of the box containing the bottle. The lot numbers can also be found on the lower left side of the sticker on the product bottle. If they match the above stated ones then you should immediately stop using the product. You may can contact the company for further disposal or request a replacement or refund. The retailers and wholesalers have also been instructed to return their inventories in an effort to avoid a class action lawsuit.

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