Amiodarone Lawsuit

Amiodarone Side Effects

              The Amiodarone HCI injection is for intravenous use only and

contains amiodarone HCI. Amiodarone is a class 3 antiarrhthmic drug.

              The Amiodarone HCI injection is used in patients noncompliant

with other therapy for the initiation of treatment and prophylaxis of

ventricular fibrillation recurring frequantly and hemodynamically unstable

ventricular tachycardia.

              The starting dose of Amiodarone that is recommended is about

1000mg over the span of the first 24 hours. The first dosing is broken down

into 150mg over the first 10 minutes followed by 360 mg injected slowly over

the proceeding 6 hours followed by the remaining 540mg over the remaining 18

hours. After the first 24 hours the infusion rate should be maintained at

0.5mg per minute (720mg per hour).


Amiodarone Lawsuit

Amiodarone Side Effects

              Amiodarone HCI injection in D5W is not compatible with the

following drugs:

·       Aminophylline

·       Cefamandole Nafate

·       Cefazolin Sodium

·       Mezlocillin Sodium

·       Heparin Sodium

·       Sodium Bicarbonate

Amiodarone Hydrochloride injection is supplied as 10 single use syringes per


If arrhythmias is suppressed by intravenous amiodarone, patients may be

switched to oral amiodarone. The best dose for changing to oral

administration depends on the dose of intravenous amiodarone already


Side effects of the Amiodarone Hydrochloride Injection include:

·       Fever

·       Bradycardia

·       Congestive heart failure

·       Heart arrest

·       Hypotension

·       Ventricular tachycardia

·       Nausea

·       Abnormal liver function

The most common side effect of intravenous amiodarone is hypotension.

Amiodarone Lawsuit

Amiodarone Side Effects