Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Cut Baby Penis Results In Lawsuit
David Burden of Chicago Illinois has hired an attorney and filed a medical negligence lawsuit after a cook county doctor mistakenly cut off a portion of his sons penis during a botched circumcision procedure.

The lawsuit claims that on Oct 5th 2007 Dr. Marc Feldstein attempted to perform a normally routine circumcision procedure on Mr. Burden's then 2 day old son. At some point during the procedure Dr. Feldstein mistakenly cut off part of the infant genital instead of only removing the foreskin surrounding the organ.

The medical negligence lawsuit names Dr. Feldstein as well as Northwestern Women';s Health Associates and Northwestern Memorial Hospital of medical.

This lawsuit scenario reminds us to pay close attention to any care provider providing services to children who are too young to alert parents to possible mishaps. In the past, medical malpractice lawsuits have been successful is failed surgery situations