FDA Recall Due To Side Effects And Death Caused By Chantix Digitek And Digoxin

Defective drugs are being recalled each and every day for reasons such as fatal side effects contamination or misleading labels. For lawyers, the most disturbing part of this trend is that a growing percentage of these recalled drugs are Class I recalls, the most serious category.

The FDA also known as the Food And Drug Administration categorizes all drug recalls into classes. These classes denote the amount of danger posed to the American public. A Class III recall is recalling a drug that is unlikely to cause health problems or side effects, while Class II recalls are for a drug that causes temporary or reversible health problems and side effects. The last, Class I recalls, are for drugs that cause serious health consequences or extreme side effects up to and including death. 

Unfortunately, two of the latest drug recalls are Class I, which means that the American public has once again beensold potentially fatal drugs by pharmaceutical companies. These recalls are sure to be followed by numerous class action lawsuits as well as individual claims as law firms realize that their clients have suffered from side effects associated with these drugs.

Sometimes finding the truth about a drug is as simple as reading the fine print. Pfizer, the company that makes one of the recalled drugs, Chantix, actually admits that their anti-smoking drug has potentially deadly side effects, although they bury the truth in a package insert full of fine print and confusing scientific data.

According to the makers of Chantix, common side effects include easy to manage symptoms such as nausea, sleep problems, and gastrointestinal distress. However, if you read on, the programs become more concerning and include agitation, severe depression, and suicidal behavior.

While smoking is never a healthy choice, most people would agree that smoking itself is safer than being suicidal for any length of time.

Digitek, also known as Digoxin or Lanoxin, is another example of a drug that was the subject of an FDA Class I recall. This heart medication can be a miracle drug for people suffering from heart problems such as congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and atrial flutter, but at what cost?

The levels of the drug needed to be therapeutic often overlap with the amount that can cause an overdose, leaving many people who take this drug in a constant state of danger. Digoxin was recalled this spring when pills containing twice the approved amount of the drug were sold. Many people thought they were taking a drug that would save their lives, but instead died from an unsafe dose.

Personal injury lawyers all across America have filed lawsuits seeking damages for these mislabeled drugs.

The true problem with these drugs isn’t that they have dangerous side effects—many drugs do. The true issue is that patients weren’t informed about the risks they were taking. In both cases, the pharmaceutical companies knew that these problems were occurring and chose not to share the information until many people had already been harmed. Patients who have been effectively lied to deserve to collect damages for their injuries and often times the only way to receive such damages is by filing a lawsuit. We have selected what we feel to be the very best attorneys and lawyer experts on side effects and drug recall class action lawsuits.

If you or a loved one has come in contact with any of these drugs , or any drug where you or a loved one have had side effects or injury, please do not hestitate to submit your case.